It's Not How You Finish...It's How you Play the Game

Yep, this is the desert at sunrise.
Photo credit to a deserving and supportive husband without whom this would not be possible.
For a third and likely final time, I raced in the Shayann Kindness Triathlon.
There was a hiccup!
No ducks in the swimming pool or the horses on the bike path this year.

Keep reading to find out how it all turned out!

My training partner was my beautiful daughter. 
We decided only a short time before the race that we would compete so daily cardio  was imperative.
Life calls us to serve where we are needed most.
So while my partner was running her own endurance with a little guy that needed his mamma, I set about preparing to swim, bike and run.

There was a void. 
 My prayers for safety aside, it was our wee grandson and daughter that had my heart as I contemplated to go it alone.
There is just something about bikes racked for rest that I adore.
When I was very young I admired the shiny colorful rows of bicycles at schools.
These are hanging for a quick getaway!
 The race director works hard to make all this happen and Shayann takes great care to manage it efficiently.  It really does makes you feel special. 
Listen up athletes!
Still wearing my purple sweatshirt.
I am staying warm until race time!
Game on!
Waiting to take the plunge. We are lined up in order of time submitted for our swim.
I look like one of those beach babes from the 50's.
On with the helmet, sunglasses, race number, gloves and shoes.

 I am a master at transition. I don't wear socks!
Off with the bike shoes, helmet and gloves and on to the run.
There is inspiration everywhere!

This looked to good to be true and it was.
I did not pay close enough attention to the maps.
We were supposed to do the run TWICE but I only did it once.
The run was easy. TOO EASY! 
The next day when I saw the numbers I knew that I would forfeit the race.
In the end I have no regrets.
I owned up to Shayann about my mistake. 
Some days I pray for more honesty in the world.
Today it was my turn.

Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.
Prov 28:13


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