Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Life is a Treasure!

My aunt, my friend, AKA Jane Fonda is a celebrity this month! 
She has fully experienced life and is loved by everyone that knows her. 
We gathered, as we are known to do, from far and wide to celebrate our love for Auntie Barb. 

What is it about a surprise party that brings out the kid in us all. 
The anticipation is exhilarating!!!

and....wait for it....she delivered! 
Isn't she just beautiful!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU! 

This video clip does not disappoint but be forewarned few among us can actually sing! 

This is the cover of the memory calendar that spans her 90 years and includes a favorite photo of my mom, my aunt and my grandmother. 
I named it 'PEEPTOES'! 
At Buca di Beppo it is all about the wine! 

These two sisters and their husbands have long admired our auntie and uncle (who is no slouch at 89 years old) having stood by our side our entire lives. Growing up I felt how special they were. Our visits consisted of long car rides from Montreal to Toronto, filled with great expectation and bologna sandwiches. C'est moi sur la droite!

These people are treasures in my life. Thank you to our hostess and special cousin Jennifer and husband Keith who have provided so much joy to Auntie Barb. It was a certain cousin fest that I will long cherish! Family is a gift that I do not take for granted. 

So we pause as the holidays approach to help others who may not know the love of family and who suffer in poverty while we celebrate. 
These cartons are filled with love and in case you are not familiar with the program it's called Operation Christ Child by Samaritan's Purse. They deliver boxes of goodies to children across the globe on Christmas...spreading some joy and sharing the Good News. You can read all about it on their website HERE 
Our grands help fill the boxes for those that live in poverty.
Their little hearts are so huge!
Most days poverty is not on my radar. 
Our provisions are too many to count. This year I am particularly thankful for my blessings; some years are just like that. We are all healthy, I am loved.   

These people are known as the ROCK STARS at Tierra Antigua. They make it all come together and their only goal is to help me be my best. 
I am so grateful for their dedication to my success and the royal treatment. 
On call staff is literally 24/7 and multiple offices offer full time accessibility. TIERRA ANTIGUA ROCKS! (that's how we roll)
Thanks+giving=Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Thanksgiving blessings one and all!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Homes & Fame

Dude! Check this out!
Tucker is living large!
After considerable design reviews we have executed a plan to keep our l'il guy warm and dry this winter during our freezing nights in the desert. 
For several months he has habitually favored a particular location in his yard so
the A Team set about building a foundation of concrete blocks filled with dirt.
Phase 2 involved some dirt moving to pack and water this mound and cover it with grass which is predicted to become 80% of his diet.
Current favorites include Timothy Hay, potato plants, pea pods, kale, broccoli, and prickly pear fruit. 
Tortoise; seeking friend. It's a lonely life on the desert floor.
 His favorite treat are hibiscus flowers from our jardin. 
We would be honored to care for another one so if you know of anyone that would like to re-home their desert tortoise, Tucker would be grateful. 
and now a straw bale home equally fit for hibernation!

Can I take this one home?
Post and hardware cloth home!
Followed by taking these pumpkins home.
Oh and we took those veggies in the wagon home too!

Here are a couple of home tips for this month to keep your home hummin'!
Such a fun annual trip to see how many pumpkins we can take home!
Meanwhile tiny patients in the NICU await going home.
Twenty Five and Four 
requested a special order for heart patients that I was honored to sew.
A different kind of needle crafted these knit pants for our grandson.
They are so soft and comfy for hanging out at home.

 Over the last couple of nights, our home has been a movie set for 
  Humble Bee Films from the UK. They are making a film about pigs throughout the world and came to Tucson to film urban javelina. 
Stay tuned for the release to air on the Smithsonian channel in spring 2018.

They even carved the javelina's favorite snack for them. 
Speaking of fame...there is a new author in T-town!
Our son-in-law has published a book.
We would be forever grateful if you would visit Amazon to order a Kindle Version
or if you prefer it is available at Barnes and NobleThis could be the start of something BIG!!!!

In case you missed our performance, this home video may become the reason our family commits us to a home for old folks.
Our first major motion picture

We are so grateful for the fullness in our lives!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Watermelon Feasts

The desert is a harsh environment where plants and animals adapt by being efficient at conserving water and extracting what they need from their food.
I am reminded that life is a test of our fortitude to adapt.
At the first drop; we rejoice!
We are so grateful for rain in the desert. 
After countless day of 100 degrees  our hopes are dashed when the rain avoids our path.
The wind knocks down trees and mountain storms threaten to flood our washes. 
Until the rain comes we crave whatever indoor fun we can find.
We flock to family friendly public events.
When Mr. Nature shows up it is standing room only. 
We literally plop on the floor in the middle of a grocery store.
Our grandson the little dude in the plaid shorts was mesmerized! 
Kudos to Whole Foods for the venue, the watermelon and the fun.

then we dream of more watermelons

I took a little road trip to deliver these watermelons to my sis for her special day. 
Phoenix broke a record at 117 degrees that day. 
How did we not take a picture of our visit?
Then there was a watermelon fete for our beautiful grand daughter.

These seeds were cut from a form that has not surfaced since 1980 when I used it to form aspic in a Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany.  (Silver Medalist)
This little bag was easy to sew and will store all her sewing materials. 
Now that she is 7 we can attend a sewing class together!
As a youngster the matriarchs that surrounded me were all super talented.
My grandmother shared her love of fibers and taught me to knit and crochet.
My mom sewed so many of my clothes and ALL our Barbie doll outfits.
I am so grateful that they gave me the bug!
Sharing these skills with the kiddos brings me so much joy.
I am a sucker for indie shops but really you should consider a class at Sew Hip.
Two sisters offer unique fabrics and are in the business of teaching.
 The foot pedals are on stools and everything fits them just right.
This sweet girl learned to sew her own pillowcase.
and could not wait to share her treasures with her siblings.
Paper crafting was on the sidelines except for keeping up with My One Little Word Project. 
These are the blessings that have made my heart full this month.

Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.
Leviticus 26:4

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life's Wandering

School's out for summer! 
The end of year skate party just might have made you laugh more if I had a photo of the two grandmas on wheels, but alas this was my view and thankfully no one snapped a picture of us!
We celebrated our grandson's love for learning and promotion from kindergarten.

Learning continues through the summer with a visit to The Tucson Children's Museum. The museum is interactive for all age groups and is one of the most creative venues I have visited. The exhibits teach real life skills. As you can see I have helpers that will do my groceries

 listen to the hearts of those that need healing
 give immunizations to those that are well
and drive me places. 
There is something for every age group. 
These magnetic PVC pipes can be creatively arranged to drop in ping pong balls where they follow their course into a trough for easy retrieval. 
This might be worth building in a playroom if you are occupying many!  
Hello from the Garden of Gethsamane in Tucson. Word to the wise...take shade!
My guy got another year older and he just gets more handsome every year.
We will be hanging out in the Old Pueblo all summer so I surprised him with 6 months of dates to take us through the end of the year. It was great fun coming up with original ideas! 
love how the kiddos gather when gifts are involved
It was a handmade effort given with much love!
To know me is to know that I love a good building tour.
 On this Tuesday sunset evening I was in the right place at the wrong time. 
Thus, my tour with the Yuma Latter Day Saints Leadership followed by a reception fit for a king. 
I joined the grand daddy of  Temple Tours; but let me back up.
The public relations director extended 'tender mercies' as I tagged along somewhat confused about the whereabouts of my hostess.
I could not have been more grateful for their welcome! 
Did you know that all desert tortoises in Arizona belong to the state?
True dat! If you are caring for one you are merely the custodian.
Welcome "Tucker" to our yard. He is so interesting to observe. 
He mowed down so many plants at first and was very fond of this potato plant.
We are preparing a winter habitat for him and he is gradually becoming less shy.
I need to share a most humbling experience in meeting Amanda Mae yesterday at the Twenty Five and Four Fundraiser. I was not certain if she would be there since she is the mother of two small boys and already gives so much to families struggling through heartache and uncertainty in the NICU.
 Amanda was there.
 Amanda was there all day. 
Amanda stood at the door and greeted everyone that entered.
 Amanda shines hope in others. 
His grace radiates in Amanda. 
The Nook was a fantastic restaurant that I would not otherwise have visited. Their generosity is authentic; they have first hand experience with a NICU baby. them. Owning a small business is rough. Owning a restaurant is rougher. I have done both! I met small children that beat the odds. I met strong mothers that make what I did with full term babies look easy. Diaper shirts got their start at the hospital where my kiddos were born over 30 years ago and I do not pretend to understand the sacrifices of pre-term babies and their families but I am proud to have been involved in the grass roots efforts to sew and deliver shirts to St. Joseph' Hospital in Tucson. Thank you for the privilege. My grand daughter is in 2nd grade and is choosing the fabrics, helping to pin, iron and sew. I am humbled indeed!
 I am overwhelmed by the goodness of this organization.
 We take time out to role play with our hand puppets before they are top stitched.

This little guy has my heart!
He has no idea how sweet he is and someday he will be a good catch.
But for now stay your tender, funny, happy, sweet self!
Let freedom ring all the days!