Watermelon Feasts

The desert is a harsh environment where plants and animals adapt by being efficient at conserving water and extracting what they need from their food.
I am reminded that life is a test of our fortitude to adapt.
At the first drop; we rejoice!
We are so grateful for rain in the desert. 
After countless day of 100 degrees  our hopes are dashed when the rain avoids our path.
The wind knocks down trees and mountain storms threaten to flood our washes. 
Until the rain comes we crave whatever indoor fun we can find.
We flock to family friendly public events.
When Mr. Nature shows up it is standing room only. 
We literally plop on the floor in the middle of a grocery store.
Our grandson the little dude in the plaid shorts was mesmerized! 
Kudos to Whole Foods for the venue, the watermelon and the fun.

then we dream of more watermelons

I took a little road trip to deliver these watermelons to my sis for her special day. 
Phoenix broke a record at 117 degrees that day. 
How did we not take a picture of our visit?
Then there was a watermelon fete for our beautiful grand daughter.

These seeds were cut from a form that has not surfaced since 1980 when I used it to form aspic in a Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany.  (Silver Medalist)
This little bag was easy to sew and will store all her sewing materials. 
Now that she is 7 we can attend a sewing class together!
As a youngster the matriarchs that surrounded me were all super talented.
My grandmother shared her love of fibers and taught me to knit and crochet.
My mom sewed so many of my clothes and ALL our Barbie doll outfits.
I am so grateful that they gave me the bug!
Sharing these skills with the kiddos brings me so much joy.
I am a sucker for indie shops but really you should consider a class at Sew Hip.
Two sisters offer unique fabrics and are in the business of teaching.
 The foot pedals are on stools and everything fits them just right.
This sweet girl learned to sew her own pillowcase.
and could not wait to share her treasures with her siblings.
Paper crafting was on the sidelines except for keeping up with My One Little Word Project. 
These are the blessings that have made my heart full this month.

Then I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.
Leviticus 26:4


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