Fall Blessings

Arizona Autumn is fleeting and if one pauses for too long it passes in the night. We delight in all things orange at this time of year and dress up in warm clothes if only for fun.
It's October and we can finally play outside!
We got our orange on all month!
What better place to visit than our Botanical Garden where butterflies are celebrated. A light dusting to remove any clinging species is a pre-requisite to leaving the garden.
Caught this little tulip in the garden.

And it's off to the farm
...to get our fill of orange
The cutest pumpkins!
The Farmers in the Dell
Farming is hard work!
Colorful ranch hands
Dreaming of a farmers life
A boy and his mamma
Hey how did that get in our wheelbarrow?
All good things must come to an end. 
Thanks for joining me on my October photo journal.

We are so grateful for all Gods' blessings! 


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