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The Great Pause; Volume 1

This is what I want to shout from the rooftops! Hand drawn watercolor  experiment/Facetime lesson with Ann Corbiere 

Literally waving from the rooftop Thanks whoever you are for the wave during your work day.
You are a remarkable, flexible and resilient example of life.  What I have noticed most during Covid 19 is the innovative and creative example in my family, pals, and co-workers.  WOW!  You have all figured out how to fully express yourselves and shine God's light on your respective tribes!  Protocols aside, (yep, I am following them all) I continue to face new challenges in less than familiar style.  What I will remember most is the outreach of kindness and gifts that have been shared. I pray this continues.
Here are some things that have amused and entertained me over the last several weeks. I am so grateful for our beautiful weather, fresh air, and beautiful mountains.
The Teddy Bear Hunt

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