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Will you still need me...will you still feed me

WHEN I'M 64!
I am truly a blessed woman! 
This is what 64 looks like when you are surrounded by Gods' beauty.  Nature and the love of my family is how I roll. 
The day was made sweeter by all of your wishes and prayers.  I read each one and took it to heart. 
Who are we have in our lives. TRUTH
Our paths have crossed and each of you brings a wholeness to my life that gives me gratitude. 
Here are some pictures of how I spent my day.  We did not let the weather dampen our spirits...just our shirts. We prepared but beware this is REAL! 

 We took the cool route! Thank you to the tour operators at Sabino Canyon for all the love & the song! The front row of first time riders thought it was the bees knees. It was so fun to experience this with our girls.

We cooled off with a sweet treat at Frost.  Next stop... m.e.d.i.c.a.r.e How can this be?

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