Saturday, April 8, 2017

a l'il sugar to sweeten your day

Dude I am One!
My fans all came young and...
He embraces his innocence unaware of what is about to take place.
le gateau grand
 le gateau petit
the first taste
It was not long before everyone dug in.
Such a silly ritual that entertains us all 
but for a few moments
at his expense 
and just like that it is over. 
These amazing parents have done all the heavy lifting.
Their sweet son radiates joy with his constant smiles.  
Happy First Birthday to our teeny tiny grandson. 
Be still my heart. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

We love a Gatherin'

 Hey Tucsonans!
If you have not visited the Gallery in the Sun AKA the DeGrazia Gallery you are missing a treat.
There are lots of places to explore, a beautiful open air chapel, a picnic area and of course art!
Our family loves a reason to gather and this time it was for our newest grand baby headed here this month! 
April showers bring May flowers. 
SEESTER planned it all!
Great job Morgan.
Family from Phoenix blessed us as well.
No event would be complete without cookies from "The Great" Auntie Lynda!
Umbrellas and clouds

Our family tree!

 We were on a patio and the shading overhead made us all look like inmates so sadly no photos of our faces other than this posed picture. 

and the guest of honor!
 Made this card for our li'l dude!
Can't wait to  meet our newest grandson!
Currently on the record with our most recent grandson are weekly visits to our library.
Love that we can walk there and visit our brick that helped with the Himmel improvement project!
'nuff said!
Go read. It is a privilege.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Been Missin' You!

This year has been busy!
 Interest rates are inching up and inventory is low. 
It is a good time to sell!
I have hardly had time to reflect on my goals for 2017 as the days are flying by. So without further ado; I have been missin' you!

What do talented women that TRUST one another, GATHER often, ABIDE in Christ and REST together do on a Saturday once a year?

Tour art studios of course!

This year I was honored to have my 'Atelier' on display.
Many thanks to Meridy Twilling for these amazing photos.
 It's a progressive brunch of sorts. 
 Each of us hosts a snack and these talented ladies get to visit with one another for the day.
She is the keeper of family stories.
Her talents combine family archivist, memory keeper, story teller, documentarian, racounteur, journalist, and photographer.
Did I mention that we love pretty paper?
Meridy snapped a few samples of what we create.
This montage is 6 generations on my maternal side. 
 Cards and completed albums are stored in these vintage suitcases.
 This latest project features Ranger products.
 This Advent calendar hangs in our guest room all year. 
Many of the items are family photos and mementos. 
It took countless hours to create and I just can't bear to put it away.

The little watch face is from my grandmothers' watch.
 Our toddler spoons wear years of patina. 
I am so grateful to have these. 
  Our latest DIY project was the renovation of this closet in my studio.
That mirror hung in my childhood bedroom some 50 years ago. 
That makes me an antique!
 Acrylic stamps are stored in these binders.
 My steadfast pal...Angelique wears a few treasures. 
  My happy place!
 This is the hub folks! I start and end my days camped at my computer helping really nice people realize their real estate dreams! 
 My One Little Word projects over the last 4 years are prominently displayed.
  My Art Journal
We share storage ideas.

Ikea delivers so many fun ways to display our tools.


Until next years' tour these women will trust one another, abide with Christ in their lives, gather often to read, craft and watch movies together and that spells REST. 
All my one day!

Once a year The Chicks gather with their Chicklets for craft day.
I was privileged to share the day with our grand daughter.  
I am grateful that all the babies born in our family have been full term.
So often this is not the case. 
The tiniest humans struggle for life in NICU's all over the world. 
One mamma whose infant survived months in a neonatal intensive care unit understands how parents of micro preemies despair.

Please read Amandas' story here
Her project and non-profit Twenty Five and Four touched my heart.
Now I am sharing it with my grand daughter who is passionate about blessing babies. At only 6 years old she selected these fabric combinations and participated in cutting and sewing these diaper shirts.
For longer than is reasonable I have been working on a Chemistry Class 
with art mediums.
 I just happened to have the good fortune to attend Creativation 2017 where the founder of the class was a featured artist.
The show is for retailers/on line supply houses, so I am still pinching myself because I attended. 
 Here are some of the tags that consumed me last year and represent dozens of Tim Holtz  techniques.
 My One Little Word for 2017 continues to hit stride. 
Last,  but certainly not least I would like to introduce you to Lexa.
 I am so excited to spend many hours with her.
She has the daunting responsibility to keep me fit. 
See you on the road and remember to give cyclists 3'.