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The desert passes very quietly from one season to the next offering subtle changes in shadows and minor shifts of daylight. Desert dwellers are marveling at the grace in which spring gave way to summer this year. We were given pause before the major shift to 100 degree days. These are the little blessings that reminds us not to take anything for granted. As we witness a new season of natures' babies and wildflowers, warm pavement and lemonade we are also preparing and celebrating a major shift in our wild and crazy lives.
This guy turned 60! It went on for days.

Our daughters planned the surprise of a lifetime with this visitor from the east. Apologies all around for the tales that were told to pull this off. It was worth it! We have defined season after season in our home by a final spark in the fireplace or the last citrus fruit picked and a final trim of the winter grass. I like to think that we are created to adapt to seasons.  THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT THIS SEASON THAT IS GOING UNNOT…

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