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How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Someone recently asked me if I achieved the grace that I set out to find in January 2018.   I needed grace. I walked with her and she ran. I ran and she fled. Then as if the game was over, she slowed and let me catch up. Grace embraced me and I embraced her. We danced until our mutual respect was second nature. As I bid farewell to my word for 2018 I pray that grace would dwell within us all.

A measure of grace provided the opportunity to read some fabulous books this year.
This bookshelf inspired me to share my reads so if you are passionate about books and have a talent for creating with your hands won't you please partner with me?

Here is how you can help!

 The busy corner where our house sits would be an ideal location for a Little Free Library
Check out the link for the plans and together maybe we can bring a smile and a story to a stranger.
Gather a Vintage Market is certain to stir up inspiration so this is where my first twinkle began. Typically an idea or two comes home w…

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