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Random Thoughts on Change

Pardon my absence! My blog took a refresher course. Thus, my camera and my brain took a break from keenly observing the details that flame my creativity.
Part of me had to be subdued to endure this dry spell but as summer emerges I am ready to take on the transformation spawned from this waiting. Amend, adjust, adapt...repeat. It is interesting how one season can evoke dynamic growth. Humans adapt and heal so eloquently.  Over the last 12 years our family has adapted to a beautiful new description including 2 amazing son in laws, 5 beautiful grandchildren and career challenges that have strengthened us.  God intended that. Our aleppo pine has transformed from a bush to a magnificent tree over the 26 years that we have cared for her.  She offers gifts of pine cones, shade, compost and protection. She reminds me of the Shel Silverstein child's book The Giving Tree.  Our grands are in the process of adapting her base. It seems simple enough until Pinterest gets involved and suddenly the Mr. is ed…

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