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Choo Choo He's Two

Since  March 20, 1880 when the first railroad rolled into T-Town our homes were defined.
'The arrival of Americans, initially in small numbers, and then in a rush after the Southern Pacific Railroad connected to Tucson in 1880, brought new construction materials and architectural tastes from the eastern U.S. and California. Existing Sonoran-style houses were transformed by additions of pyramidal or gabled metal roofs, brick caps on roof parapets, and Victorian embellishments'. First Edition © Copyright 2011. Printing courtesy of UA Healthcare A Publication of the Blenman-Elm Neighborhood Association
The iconic 3 horn blast echoes to this day; lest we forget.
On April 14, 2019 our Grandson Grant took to the rails. When you visit The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum you should expect to meet retired engineers eager to share their real life experiences.  These humble engineers know their impact on all of us.  They quietly sacrifice time away from home and dedicate themselves …

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