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Each July Karen Valentine invites bloggers to participate in a show and tell.
 It is an opportunity for artists to showcase their studio spaces and to feature the beautiful blogs that Karen has designed.
So without further ado; Welcome to Studio 204 at Where Bloggers Create.
You can see all the studio on tour on Karens' blog.
 For the past 19 years I have worked from our home in the desert Southwest.
The room once served as our youngest daughters' bedroom.
 My singular passion for my lifes' work in real estate compliments my surroundings.

This is the story of our home.

I subscribe to the theory that space affects productivity. 
The Kon Mari Method of organizing validates my ideals. 

I come and go from my studio MANY times every day. 
Miss Maggie stands guard between my office and car.
That assures her that I cannot escape the house without her knowledge. 
She observes my every move!
Containers are labeled and tie it all together.
Furniture on wheels makes it easy to move around and clean up.
I am surrounded by treasures that remind me of my family.
                    Plastic bins make it easy to see smaller items.

The vintage suitcase stores completed prior year calendars.
                   The room features my favorite peeps.
My first assistant sizes knitting projects and was a gift from my sister.
She is very 'Gretel' in her vest. 
Succulents 'cause we live in the desert. 
The pottery belonged to my in-laws.
Courage was a gift from my husband and she is pictured below next to the medal that I earned for completing my first Triathlon.
Colored pencils and markers are stored in this crate.
My father in law was a designer and this is one of his creations.
I usually have a candle burning and I am partial to matches so it works out.
This sheet metal was purchased at Home Depot and fits perfectly in the stand from Joann that is actually intended for quilting rulers. 
A pair of stands works out really well for side by side 12 x 12 layouts.
Magnets keep everything in place nicely and allow me to walk away knowing it will all be intact when I return. 

These Target stools hang on a guitar display mount and are easy for my visitors to grab.
Paper storage is organized by color in ROY G BIV order. 
These 12 x 12 paper holders were translucent so I spray painted them black then added hardware from Hobby Lobby.

Reach in containers are the most convenient for frequently used items like my label maker that I depend on to identify almost everything in the house!

Beads are stored in this container that was purchased at Michaels.
My newest acquisition are these wooden storage units from Target.
They are located to the right of my work table and store brads, ink pads, paint supplies, jewelry tools and bakers twine. 
The little lights are from Ikea.
These baskets are great because I can see the product.
They came from Typo.
The sugar containers were purchased at a restaurant supply. This idea and many others are taken from Get Organized
You simply must take this class!
The timer helps me stay on track. Remember; I work at home.
It is easy to get distracted.
These lights have stood the test of time. The bulb is 10 years old. 
One of my favorite tools is my heat gun. This very cool pouch hangs off the side of the table and can handle the heat tools very nicely. My local hair salon uses them for curling and flat irons but really, y'all should have one.

This canvas board is mounted on the side of my desk to hide the modem, router, incoming cable and resulting mess of cords.  
I used the Wordle app to create subway art of my mission statement. 
A jar of mini wish bones remind me that life is fickle and prayer works!
Invitations and pending orders are gathered in the lower right corner.

This is the seated view at the worktable. 
Scraps are sorted by patterned on the left and solids on the right.
Very close at hand makes them get used!
Best. Paper. Cutter. Ever.
The tools that make it all happen are in a spinner next to the cutter.
I try not to store too much on the worktable because during production it gets piled high, but I do have a few sets of letter stamps at hand.
 The rack is intended for stamp pads but this is a much better use for me.
This little gem of a riser almost ended up in the trash. 
I rescued it from a desk that someone was throwing away. It hooks onto my existing desk with no hardware and is a lifesaver doubling the depth of my desk. My design journal was developed over several weeks in an on-line class with Deryn Mentock
Year two of Ali Edwards' One Little Word
This year my word is 'GATHER'. It is displayed front and center with last years word on a favorite photograph of my honey. 
A mid-century liquor bar serves as sewing central.
 Card stock fits perfectly behind the door with the tassel.
Not sure what the designer had in mind for these little drawers.
Ahhhh... the symmetry.
Most tags have a visual aid!
Angelique is my right hand
She is dressed with a beret, flowers and crosses. 
We should all dress like that don't you think? 
This is her view of the room.
In case you are closely editing, YES! I did change the carpet in between photos.
Have not made up my mind on what shape looks best so I am testing out a couple from other areas in the house before I commit. This keeps my husband on his toes and is one of my favorite pastimes. 
Die cutting and embossing is close by. 
The pretty wood box on the right came from an antique sewing machine cabinet and is perfect for the platforms and plates. 
A drop leaf table with gate leg design opens on both sides for extra layout space although I rarely need both sides.
If you look closely you can see 4 folding chairs tucked inside the table.
Finding one of these on wheels took patience.
This cabinet has all my real estate and marketing materials.
Oh and that cool drop leaf table also has a little drawer that is very handy during production. I just could not ask more of a table!
This is where my day begins.
Fabric covered boxes intended for DVD or CD storage are perfect for dies.
Each one stores 100 dies. 
So far all the dies that I have fit in one box and adding inventory is a breeze.
Speaking of inventory my next organization project is to catalog the rubber and acrylic stamps and dies using this Rolodex. (Idea from Get Organized Class) 
Early in the organizing process I realized that I had no tolerance for duplicating items so I developed some tools. 
These colorful papers represent the acrylic blocks in my stash.
Before Spellbinders I had a similar cache for circle and scallop punches.

This sketch stand is a quick reference for layouts.  
I cut images out of an old design magazine and laminated them.
 Layouts are quickly designed based on number of photos I want to use.
 Layout problem solved; Project ideas are stored on my Pinterest Board.

Larger dies sit next to the Big Shot Die Center.
This vintage draftsman's chair was an awesome find in a Durango, CO antique shop.
 I am such a lucky girl 'cause my hubs knows how to pack a car and he appreciates good design!
A comfortable piano desktop from Ikea rests on two identical cabinets. 
Embossing folders are in the binders on the top right. 
My Cricut is connected to the computer so I can design easily. 
The hutch is backed with fabric and is painted with Annie Sloan French Linen chalk paint and is finished with dark wax. The knobs make it easy to open to access all the items that I need for work ie: business cards, pens, and printer ink. 
My HP 8600 all in one is wireless!
 Not sure how I lived before I could print from anywhere in the house! 
It even does a nice job on photographs if I don't feel up to a Costco run.

I constantly resist the temptation to take this pen out into the world. 
Writing with a good pen feels like a privilege...and ...it was a gift from my man.
Double the pleasure. 
Should I include my closet? That was the question.
Closets are not meant to be seen.
GATHER courage 
GATHER UFO's (UnFinished prOjects)
and here you have it...
I fabricate totes from old record album covers.
They take up a lot of room so I store them in here.
One can never had enough tape and adhesive. This is also where my WIP (Work in Progress) projects live. If I have a few minutes and want to work on something I can just grab a packet. It also makes packing for crops much easier although I still dread that process and am always misplacing tools. 
Handmade cards ready for sending are stored in this vintage Seven Up crate.
A decorated 7 Gypsy mouse trap tracks our household receipts and hangs on the door.
I am honored if you have stuck through this long post and encourage you to visit all the studios that are participating this year. Scroll to the bottom of Karens' post and the studio are all listed.

Au revoir mes amies!


  1. Wonderfully organized space, Debbie! I could easily work in your space! So fun to share! Happy Crating, Cindy

  2. Oh my goodness! Your space is incredible. I am working one one of my creative spaces - a corner of the garage - and I will be looking at your space as I organize it.

  3. I thought I was organized, but you put me to shame. Of course, you have a lovely space, too, with lots of beautiful pieces. I was super impressed with the way you have organized everything.

    BTW, thanks for the link to the organizing site.

  4. Your space is truly amazing... and organised. Thanks for sharing ..

  5. I am amazed and intimidated. Such a great space, and so, so organized. I love it, and I wont even try to count the ways.

    Thanks so much for sharing,

  6. I absolutely love the wonderful vintage/rustic feel of your studio. Crates, metal boards and timber boxes, Family Treasures around everywhere. Its an absolute delight, thank-you for sharing it with us. Karen.x

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  8. LOL!!! sorry I deleted my first comment...I read it after I posted and misspelled tons of words.

    So, I love your space!!! Awesome storage ideas. I will take your idea about painting your 12x12 paper holders...I have them also..but they are still the plain plastic color. You are very well organized:) I girl who thinks like me:):) Thanks for sharing. Hugs

  9. Oh so many great organizational ideas! LOVE the metal and magnet idea - how awesome!!! Love your creative space; it must be great to work in there.

  10. Adore your room! It's so warm and inviting! You have a really good design eye and wonderful organizational talents! Love your die storage and how you painted those paper holders,you made them beautiful! Thanks for sharing your space with us!♥

  11. Hi Debbie, what a beautiful space you have!!!
    Love how you organized everything, it looks amazing!
    Thanks for sharing your great space!

  12. Nice!! I am bowled over by the idea of the pouch for the heat gun. It's always getting in the way on my table! I'll need to research where to find the pouch! Any hints? Thanks for sharing!

  13. You are very well organized which I suppose helps with working from home. Lots of good ideas from your studio and the heat pouch is a great idea.
    Happy crafting from # 33.

  14. You have so many great ideas! Guitar hook to hang stools on...brilliant! And the hairstylist pouch for heat gun!! So smart and so organized. Great space!

  15. A beautiful and organized space. Thanks for the tips and ideas as well, we can always learn a new trick or three. . ;-) You have so much, but it doesn't look cluttered or overwhelming, very welcoming. Thanks you very much for sharing with all of us.

  16. Sorry for the second comment, but I forgot to add this in my first, I appreciated that you included where you purchased items (such as the stools from Target) or the website for organizing, it makes it so nice when you anticipate the questions people will ask. I am chronically ill and find standing even for short periods to cook a problem. I have been looking for a stool like the ones you have that fold away to use in my kitchen while I cook or even to wash dishes. You just helped me out by letting me know Target stocks them because I haven't been able to find one - so thank you again!

  17. Debbie, I loved my visit. Your space is so smartly decorated and organized. It's like what happens when Hobby Lobby marries Pottery Barn. Pure class!

  18. I really enjoyed touring your beautiful space. I learned a lot, too! Thanks for the links to the organizing book and the scrapbooks.com class! I'll check both of them out, right after I run out and buy a label maker. :) Your IKEA task lights are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I really like your space, Debbie. It's always fun to see how and what other creative people store and use in their craft rooms. I'm a "desert dweller," too. Summer is the perfect time to get some projects completed in my craft room.

  20. What a fabulous lovely space. Your blessed! I love the look you did a great job putting it together.
    I love the labels. Labels are on my 'to do' list.

  21. I have to say your space is the closest I've seen to my style. I'm a bit primitive but aside from that I can see myself in a space like yours. I absolutely, honestly, love it! I'm totally luv 'n those tags. I just getting into those kinda of inking/mixed media type projects. Thanks so much for sharing your space.

  22. A place for everything and everything in its place ;) Great organization & arrangement! Blessings, Cecilia

  23. I love your space with all it's clean lines and spaces!
    I need to go find some of those comfy little stools from Target ~
    Angelique is adorable!

    Thanks for letting us look around ~

  24. Hi Debbie, you space is wonderful! Love the use of the old suitcases. I have a thing for numbers so the Target storage is one of my favorites! I also adore the tags and the embellishments on your baskets. I really enjoyed the tour!

  25. What an amazing space - so lovely and so thoroughly and thoughtfully organized! Thanks for the delightful tour.

  26. Love your sleek sophisticated studio space, it is so warm and inviting. That quilt ruler holder/sheet metal page design board is BRILLIANT! (I am so borrowing this idea) I so enjoyed your tour, thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  27. Love your room!! I'm inspired, that's for sure. I love the visual aids on your tags. Oh, and the quilt ruler holder/sheet metal design board is a fantastic idea! I've got to try this idea! I'll be back for more ideas--gotta visit more creative spaces!

  28. Wow, you are so organized !! What a beautiful space. I loved the tour, your ideas are very inspiring !
    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Have a great WBC Party !
    Wilma, Shabby Royale.

  29. Oh my goodness Debbie,
    Your creative space is the most well organized, beautifully presented, well stocked space I have seen....EVER! I am big on organization, neatness, funtionalality and pretty decor and your space has it all. Great job. Loved the tour.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  30. What an incredible studio, you've done an excellent job of organizing and displaying your art.

  31. What an incredible studio, you've done an excellent job of organizing and displaying your art.

  32. What an incredible studio, you've done an excellent job of organizing and displaying your art.

  33. I am so glad you joined the party Debbie! It's so much fun to see the different organizational ideas each artist has. Your room is lovely and I especially like those cool wooden boxes from Target. They are super cool!

  34. I love how organized you are! My studio isn't that was so much even when I try to be. Thanks for sharing.

  35. What a fantastic space, Debbie! You've managed to create a functional and beautiful room at the same time. Love that I am not the only one that uses clear storage and still labels the drawers. : ) Love the extra seating you have hanging on the wall, too. It's there, but out of the way until you need it. Great thinking! You are so organized and neat. I have got to try to be even better about that than I am now. I'm just lucky I manage to clean up in between projects and those projects that I plan to do. I get way to ahead of myself sometimes! Thanks so much for sharing your space!

  36. What a charming and wonderful space to create! I so enjoyed this tour!!

  37. Beautifully planed out space and so well organized.
    I like the crate you have for all your pens. Great tour, thanks for sharing your space!

  38. Love your space, very organized. The idea of using skirt hangers for your layout pages is brilliant.

  39. I love your organization skills. I also love the rich dark colors in your studio.
    Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  40. What a lovely and well organized studio! Furniture on wheels is a great idea and I like the display of baker's twine in sugar jars. Thank you for the fun tour!

  41. What an amazing creative space you have! I enjoyed seeing all of the ways you organize and love, love, love the match holder and striker! Thank you for the tour!

  42. Oh My ! I would love to have a craft room like Your's.Mine is tiny.Not only is Yours stocked full but so organized and pretty.Now I would love to see what You create in Your very special room. Denise

  43. Now I'm Your newest follower. Looking forward to seeing Your creations. Please drop by My blog for a visit any time-Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  44. Beautiful space. And beautiful, impressive storage solutions! So organized and well-planned, with everything at your fingertips ready to use.

    (I keep running into SO many dogs out there named Maggie....I'm getting a complex, lol!)


  45. I am still making the rounds through all the link ups....
    Love your creative space!! Your organizational skills are second to none!! I really need to go back and take notes!! Thanks for sharing such inspiration!!


  46. Your space is like a breath of fresh air. So tidy and organized, yet full of such goodness. Love that your peeps {beautiful family BTW} right there with you. Your 'Angelique' could be sister to my 'Alice'!! Keep smiling and creating, thanks for sharing

  47. You clearly are blessed with organization. Your space is lovely. I had such an 'aha' moment when I saw the swing arm table with the folding chairs. That could be great solution for my space and desire to increase table space when I have a project, and have seats when friends or sisters come by. You got me thinking!


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