A Visit to My Homeland

Special thanks to Rick, David & Miguel 
for providing us the privilege to share a most amazing adventure together.    

Vacation 2015 
Montreal, Quebec with my beautiful daughters.
Bye, bye everyone!
None of us are good at 'selfies' but we vowed to get one!
Nous sommes ici!
We're heeeeere!
Our hotel was made famous by John & Yoko Lennon in 1969.
This giant picture remains in the hotel lobby today. 
Give peace a chance was written from their hotel bed in 1969.
This is the view from our hotel window.
Yep, that was some rain! We loved it.
Our personal travel advisor Madame Morgan did not miss a beat.
First day out..look closely for a preview of our newest blessing. 
She will make her appearance in October...or when the Lord says it is so!
Here we are the Port of Montreal on the St. Lawrence River. 
Vieux Montreal occupies the closest international container port to North America's industrial heartland from Asia. 
During the 1960's The Port of Montreal implemented the use of icebreakers to keep the water from freezing thus increasing the viability of the port year round as it remains today.
A favorite art gallery. 
We toured the Notre Dame Basilica. 
Throughout Montreal the architecture is Gothic limestone.
The interior reflects the strength of the Catholic Diocese in Quebec.
 The organ has 800 pipes and is played by a master of 37 years.
 About 125 weddings still take place annually in the Basilica.
The stained glass tells the history of the church in Montreal. 
It is stunning and was fabricated in Limoges, France then transported to the Basilica in Montreal.
We visited Chinatown.
Mc Gill University Campus
Even this guy came out to play in the rain!
We were fortunate to be there during the Jazz Festival, US Girls soccer semi-finals and Canada Day!
We had maple this and maple that. 
To this day there is no flavor that I enjoy more!
C'est delicieux!
The day had arrived to drive to the West Island and visit Kirkland.
These are by far my fondest memories as a child.
We kicked around town and visited my elementary school, high school and church.
We drove up and down 4 rue Michel about a million times.
You could say that we were stalking the place.
My wildest dreams came true!
The garage door opened and the owner came out. 
It was all uphill from there.
The owner of my childhood home invited us in!
Then we just got silly.

It has been a long time, many years, many many years, let's just say north of 45 years since I lived in this house.

It was fascinating that the neighbour across the street still lives there.
TRUTH: She briefly mistook me for my mother...YIKES!

And now it is time to celebrate Canada Day.
Even our drinks were red.
Loved the music in the streets.
Walking back to our hotel through Old Montreal after the fireworks. 
Be still my heart.
Grateful moments include but are not limited to chivalry on the Metro, breakfast crepes, no flight delays, maps, brief moments of wi-fi, fresh mint water, in room coffee, ramps, Canada schwag, clean restrooms EVERYWHERE and last but certainly not least our seemingly professional driver that delivered us to the airport in record time. 
My heart overflows with love for these girls. 
The memories will last forever.

Au Revoir!


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