Forewarned is forearmed.
At 30 I broke a bone in my left foot.
At 60 I broke a bone in my left foot.
There is a pattern developing here.
I am so grateful for a full recovery.
Swimming in the winter is rough even in Arizona.
I got this with December Runathon!   
We were blessed to have occasion to visit Washington DC in December.
Disclaimer: Photos taken with Android 
A visit to the White House was on the top of our list.
It was dressed with poodles and penguins.

First stop was sending a message of gratitude to the troops.
Air mail envelopes decked the columns and shaped the wreaths & garland. 
Bo and Sunny were in heaven with all the tennis balls. 

Trees. Trees. Trees. Lost count.
  This one was so tall that it was anchored to the ceiling.
 A closer look at the ribbon reveals messages penned from parents to their children in the military. This left me feeling unworthy to stand in the place where persons whose loved ones served should have been standing.
 It was very humbling. 
Fun and games ensued.
Spy your home state in the snowfall canape.
I lost count of the mantels, mirrors and fixtures.

Strands of baubles.
I am programmed to establish values for homes.
This left me truly speechless.
Dead giveaway.
"Where am I"?
This felt like an alien invasion as countless snowmen starred in at us.
Candy, candy, everywhere.
Turn the candy canes upside down and this is what you get.
The little green ball to the right is starlight mints melted together.
Hey White House...I saw that on Pinterest!
Bubble gum tree.
Sorry for the quality bit I had to include the photo.
My main man with his main man.
Members of the community at large deck the halls.
  On this brisk Saturday morning it was too early for the protesters on Pennsylvania Avenue.
It is hard to get a pass, it is a privilege to be there, and it is really, really, really hard to leave. I was left wanting more.
Thanks to the Georgetown University Chamber Choir we were able to linger to our hearts desire.

Pray for peace, people everywhere. 
Next up was a tour of the capital starting at Congressman Schweikerts office.

 The Statue of Freedom sits atop the dome and is represented inside as well.

 The visitor center that opened in 2008 hosts a series of statues that are bigger than life and are beautifully created.
 We were excited to discover Father Kino!
 The original supreme court is magnificent and is preserved as a museum. 
Who knew that I am related to one of the early judges. 
Hubs is a sitting commissioner for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission.
Suffice it to say that the burden of that responsibility is how we ended up as honored guests of the current Supreme Court to attend the Harris vs. State of Arizona hearing.
After we were seated a high school class filed into the first two rows in front of us. They appeared to have too many chaperones but alas, we later discovered they were secret service protecting the young lady directly in front of me. It is not every day that one sits behind Melia Obama!
The famous Ford Theater has stood the test of time.
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln took place in the box shown below.
 A favorite version of Charles Dickens, 
A Christmas Carol featured a talented cast and crew.
T'is the season of our Savior!
A Sunday spent with the Harlem Gospel Choir will surely convince you.
Follow the red coat.

 It was a revival.
A personal introduction from center stage. 
Can I just say this would have frightened me out of my mind!
We celebrated a landmark birthday with my SIL too!
Spending time with family is the most treasured gift.
Willows from the Carolinas fashioned into nests.
                                                 Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institute
                                           Our nephew hosting in his hometown
In the hustle and bustle of the season fall was still hanging on.

A cherished afternoon back in the desert with the littles as they prepare their hearts for giving this Christmas. 
 As 2016 approaches it is time for One Little Word with Ali Edwards. 
I choose r.e.s.t.
Looks like someone already got the memo.
Faith Journaling will provide rest in the Lord.

Thanks for visiting and may you and your loved ones be blessed with the love of Christ.


  1. How wonderful to share this exciting visit to our nation's home.

  2. I love your blog and it tells me you are one talented lady! Your table looks almost too good to eat at! May 2016 bring you and your family joy and peace. Irene


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