If you have ever tried to play with lego blocks you will appreciate the displays that we visited at the
Look closely.
 This looks pixilated but it is all made out of lego blocks.
 These are the cutest ants at the garden. 
Fairly certain he is counting the rows and colors so he can duplicate the sculpture!
I continue to enjoy the ease of decorating without a traditional tree however there is not a shortage of evergreen and lights! 
 A collection of Santa Theresa ceramic ornaments stored nicely in the summer heat of our shed.
 Tag...you're it!
Some Washi tape and stamping/embossing and bam...gift tags.
A favorite tradition includes decorating the table.
I am a fan of all things botanical so I chose fresh cranberries and cedar.
 This is for you mom<3
Your coffee and teapots were perfect for displaying the fresh roses, hydrangeas, carnations and daisies.
 We had visitors from near and far.
 I may have to rename this little guy Mr. Photogenic. He is so happy to pose.
The menu included cornish game hens, wild rice & sherry infused mushrooms and fresh green beans. Dessert goes on for days around the holidays as we eat up homemade cookies and chocolates.
 These l'il hens are so tasty. 
Just picked some lemons (love that about Arizona), tucked them under the skin with some fresh herbs, roast for 50 minutes and voila! 
We have what we need right in front of us to be happy.
Keep the joy!
As 2016 approaches I am preparing the annual calendar as well as some new projects that I am really excited to share.
My One Little Word will be documented in this pretty 6 x 8 binder.
The shine and hints of gold rock my soul.
I usually check in to the Pantone website around this time of year to color my world on trend. 
The Pantone Color of 2016 offers serenity. 
 So excited to see what will come of the word rest. 
Do sit a while.
Open your heart.
May 2016 be your best year ever!
Happy New Year!


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