Home...it no doubt brings about an immediate emotion.

I live and dream houses. My days are spent touring homes of all sizes, styles and values. My choice of television viewing centers around HGTV. When on vacation I can  sniff out home and garden tours. My computer knows its' way around sites for home organizing, staging, selling and fung shui living. My subscriptions point to home decor and remodeling .

Home and all things related are my passion.

Twenty one years ago we bought a house. We moved in with our two young daughters and thus the saga of house to home. Living through this experience would NOT have been possible without the "GREAT" Auntie Lynda who provided relief to our girls for more weekends than I can count.

Here is how it went down.  Photo Journal Style. 

The story is printed on a paper bag stuffed with the listing as well as the napkin that sealed the deal.
Her name is printed on acetate. 
We call her 'The Mission' 'cause we were on one.

Created as a hybrid page using Adobe Photoshop.

Cut with Cricut Expression 2 machine.

My prayer

...and it begins... 

This guy was the A Team. You will meet the B and C teams in another post.

Lots of pictures were taken during the process. I had so many photos that I used pocket pages front and back to categorize the phases. 
No digital photograph in those days.

He's my hero! 

Please forgive us if we asked you to help us clean our bricks. We reused every brick from the guest house.
We were offering good money and had to keep upping the ante! 

 Guest house gone! 
oh yeah and that tent was were we slept the night that we were homeless.

You just have to learn to live with tools - sigh

Construction/Destruction we even made a song about it 

Participated in our neighborhood home tour.

Needed some pretty by now and we were bearing fruit too.

Mail was dropped into a slot back in the day.
Our carrier asked for a roadside box so we obliged. 

 Many pets have been spoiled at our casa.
All female and all diva!

I promise to take some pictures of the 'AFTER' and will share those pages when done.

The Triathlon training is in full swing. 
Here I am in my first 800 meter city competition!
Did I really just write that?!?!?

Cycling with some new chums too!
That's me third from the right.

I am forever grateful for this season of joy that God designed.
 In June I had the privilege of working with preschoolers for a week at our church to share the love of Jesus with them. We had an amazing time with skits, songs and bible memory verses. 
Our daughter Chelsea (on left) directed the program and I got to share art projects with 'The Littles'!

 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 
3 John 1:4 


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