Life is a Treasure!

My aunt, my friend, AKA Jane Fonda is a celebrity this month! 
She has fully experienced life and is loved by everyone that knows her. 
We gathered, as we are known to do, from far and wide to celebrate our love for Auntie Barb. 

What is it about a surprise party that brings out the kid in us all. 
The anticipation is exhilarating!!!

and....wait for it....she delivered! 
Isn't she just beautiful!!!
Happy Birthday to YOU! 

This video clip does not disappoint but be forewarned few among us can actually sing! 

This is the cover of the memory calendar that spans her 90 years and includes a favorite photo of my mom, my aunt and my grandmother. 
I named it 'PEEPTOES'! 
At Buca di Beppo it is all about the wine! 

These two sisters and their husbands have long admired our auntie and uncle (who is no slouch at 89 years old) having stood by our side our entire lives. Growing up I felt how special they were. Our visits consisted of long car rides from Montreal to Toronto, filled with great expectation and bologna sandwiches. C'est moi sur la droite!

These people are treasures in my life. Thank you to our hostess and special cousin Jennifer and husband Keith who have provided so much joy to Auntie Barb. It was a certain cousin fest that I will long cherish! Family is a gift that I do not take for granted. 

So we pause as the holidays approach to help others who may not know the love of family and who suffer in poverty while we celebrate. 
These cartons are filled with love and in case you are not familiar with the program it's called Operation Christ Child by Samaritan's Purse. They deliver boxes of goodies to children across the globe on Christmas...spreading some joy and sharing the Good News. You can read all about it on their website HERE 
Our grands help fill the boxes for those that live in poverty.
Their little hearts are so huge!
Most days poverty is not on my radar. 
Our provisions are too many to count. This year I am particularly thankful for my blessings; some years are just like that. We are all healthy, I am loved.   

These people are known as the ROCK STARS at Tierra Antigua. They make it all come together and their only goal is to help me be my best. 
I am so grateful for their dedication to my success and the royal treatment. 
On call staff is literally 24/7 and multiple offices offer full time accessibility. TIERRA ANTIGUA ROCKS! (that's how we roll)
Thanks+giving=Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Thanksgiving blessings one and all!


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