Homes & Fame

Dude! Check this out!
Tucker is living large!
After considerable design reviews we have executed a plan to keep our l'il guy warm and dry this winter during our freezing nights in the desert. 
For several months he has habitually favored a particular location in his yard so
the A Team set about building a foundation of concrete blocks filled with dirt.
Phase 2 involved some dirt moving to pack and water this mound and cover it with grass which is predicted to become 80% of his diet.
Current favorites include Timothy Hay, potato plants, pea pods, kale, broccoli, and prickly pear fruit. 
Tortoise; seeking friend. It's a lonely life on the desert floor.
 His favorite treat are hibiscus flowers from our jardin. 
We would be honored to care for another one so if you know of anyone that would like to re-home their desert tortoise, Tucker would be grateful. 
and now a straw bale home equally fit for hibernation!

Can I take this one home?
Post and hardware cloth home!
Followed by taking these pumpkins home.
Oh and we took those veggies in the wagon home too!

Here are a couple of home tips for this month to keep your home hummin'!
Such a fun annual trip to see how many pumpkins we can take home!
Meanwhile tiny patients in the NICU await going home.
Twenty Five and Four 
requested a special order for heart patients that I was honored to sew.
A different kind of needle crafted these knit pants for our grandson.
They are so soft and comfy for hanging out at home.

 Over the last couple of nights, our home has been a movie set for 
  Humble Bee Films from the UK. They are making a film about pigs throughout the world and came to Tucson to film urban javelina. 
Stay tuned for the release to air on the Smithsonian channel in spring 2018.

They even carved the javelina's favorite snack for them. 
Speaking of fame...there is a new author in T-town!
Our son-in-law has published a book.
We would be forever grateful if you would visit Amazon to order a Kindle Version
or if you prefer it is available at Barnes and NobleThis could be the start of something BIG!!!!

In case you missed our performance, this home video may become the reason our family commits us to a home for old folks.
Our first major motion picture

We are so grateful for the fullness in our lives!


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