The Twenty-Five year Re-boot  
Recent adventures with Tucson home buyers brought me to one conclusion.
Parking in ones' garage is a privilege.
Before anyone gets defensive I need to come clean. 
Guilty as charged!
My passenger door would not open when parked in my garage.

The Tucson July heat meant that I had to work quickly and early in the day.
So over a period of 3 weeks I went from this

Years of old paint and cans were dropped off  HERE
Drive through service makes it so easy.
You can stay in your car while they unload for you.
to this...
Thank you Target for these containers.
Now I can step outside my door and grab what I need.
We ditched the outside storage shed on the last big purge so everything had to fit or find another home.

  A healthy home is high on my list of priorities.
Some years ago I switched to Melaleuca cleaning products for my healthy home.
An amazing benefit was that it increased my desire to clean! 
I can hook you up if you want to start using these non-toxic, home cleaning products that are safer for your home and allow you to live clean without the dangers of harsh, caustic chemicals.
I forced myself to fit ALL the Christmas decor behind these doors.
 It all fit! 
Each year after Christmas I get new lights for the next year when they are on sale. It solves the hassle of tangle and storage.
These interlocking containers shown on the lower shelf from Home Depot solved the biggest challenge of all and contain all the nuts, bolts, screws and nails.
Problem solved!
Garage goodness for 25 more years!

Note to self: 
Do not overlook that scary feeling of destroying a perfectly usable space.
Plan accordingly.

It is impossible to calculate the time a project will entail.
Plan accordingly.

You will get dirty, very dirty.
Plan accordingly.

A well organized, usable garage speaks to Tucson buyers.

That is all
Carry on!


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