Do Not Judge my Story by the Chapter you Walked in On

Here is my story. 
Triathlon Week 2016.
This was a good day mixed in with a little sweat and a lot of sunscreen!
But let's back up.
September 17, 2016
Crossing the finish line and that was the fastest I had run all day!
Tasting the finish
 Run distance 5k
Last turn toward finish line
'go fast it will be over soon'
credit Ryan Stertz

Happy girl!
13.1 miles open road with traffic
Still pedaling and no flats!

300 meter swim (it's only 6 laps/12 lengths)
That is me in foreground with the black cap
water 82f air 63f - downright goosebump weather in Tucson!
 She awaits me in the early morning hours. 
Mine is the one with the helmet on the seat.
Way more room to transition than is typical!
ready, set, go
Listen up athletes!
Good Morning Tucson
La Mariposa
Detour 'cause what are the chances of this!
33 years earlier I was on this same hill with our daughter Chelsea (on right)
What is even more amazing is that I remembered and could find the photo!
Fun times Betsy Mackey! (Averyn Mackey on left)
Second place for my age group!
Thanks to the these beautiful pink timing chips 
I could calculate a gain of 5 min 22 seconds from my previous time. 
A special thanks to my adorable life coach, without whom I could never have trained.
Thank you to my support team and everyone that sent me photos!
I love you all!
Switching gears to share the week that followed.
Most memorable week in recent history continues at the Tucson Botanical Gardens with a friend and award winning photographer. 
A very special celebration of that baby on the hill!
dessert sharing
went rock climbing a couple of times
love to see these active kiddos establishing a 
lifetime habit of fitness 

 and in no time the helmets and belays are removed and they are off

You could just watch Ryan rock climb if you missed the Spiderman movie.
 Hang on 'cause Dad cannot assist!
The last escape brought our grown up team together to deactivate a bomb
all in the name of fun. 
 laughter and love 
and gratitude to Auntie Lynda for our deficits in morse code
This week has provided the most amazing highs and the most devasting lows. 
a glorious new life and an untimely death 
One thing I know for sure.
God is faithful.
I am grateful to so many for so much.
Today I thank all the wonderful people at BSF that volunteer to provide the study of John.   


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