In the lot of us there are three languages so when we are not counting teeth we are counting sheep!
Un, deux, trois 
Uno, dos, tres
Hoping these 'lil cousins will be tri-lingual!
I was once a fluent french speaker so I am awakening some dormant lobes.
In other news, August is my favorite month! 
Autumn is coming and although I am another year older it gives us all a reason to gather.
Hacienda del Sol is a special place for us and this celebration reminded us why we love it so much.
There is nothing better than a chocolate face!.
 The studio has been producing some tags that I will share next month.
For now I have been working on my 2017 calendar. 
It will feature this handsome guy IRL age progression.

To know his Dadda is to know these expressions!

Month 18! This makes 36 pages that the kiddos have created in their Catechism Art Journals.
It is so amazing to watch them grow and understand scripture through this medium.

Last, but certainly not least, this last 8 weeks have been                         centered around                      ......wait for it.....


Saturday I will compete in a triathlon at La Mariposa. 
I have been training hard with some amazing athletes and while the training is hard, stashing all the requisite equipment is equally challenging.
So for race day I need to cull to the bare minimum in order to quicken transitions from pool to bike to run.
It is a fashion disaster since it is all done in the same clothing!
Oh and as I peruse this photo I realize there is no lip protection and oh ya my bike!
This is why guys can transition in 20 seconds.
As the saying goes 
"I am as ready as I will ever be"!
The race is to raise funds for The Shayann Kindness Project

If you are inclined to pray for that day there will be 200 athletes all giving their best.


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