Tips to Read More

It is mid-year check-in!
One of my 2018 goals is to read 12 books.

how: what: where: when:
Once my intention was set, I recognized that I had to be attentive to change some patterns  and tune my senses to be still. I set out to examine where and when my heart is at peace in order to achieve maximum concentration. These are some of my favorite still places.

I came up with some fool proof ways to succeed. Well there really is no such thing. Believe me when I tell you that I have found every excuse possible to thwart my own success! If you are like me and enjoy books, you may already have a reading list. I maintain a Pinterest Board entitled 'reading room' with literary ideas and recommended books so I can stay ahead of my queue. This is a great place to rate a book and summarize with notes.

One other way I keep my goal front and center is this library in my day planner. In hindsight, I wish that I had included space to credit the author of these amazing reads and the dates finished. I will definitely be doing that next year. Turns out that tracking my goal is a huge motivator!
Remember, my challenge started in January so this west facing swing provided some much desired sunshine and was already a popular spot with our grandchildren. There is just something about reading outdoors that makes a good day even better. 
I thought of all the ways in which I could read and came up with this list:

Kindle app;  Droid 
An actual paper book; from my stash or public library
Audio books; download from Audible, borrow from public library
Alexa could read aloud to me 

Next up, where would 15 minute intervals avail themselves:

Home; inside and outside
ANYWHERE with headphones; my biggest AHA moment!
The loo

When reading on an electronic device I preset to blue light and dim the background but natural light is always my first choice. 
This west facing window is my choice at the end of the day.
This is a morning choice. 
Hubs and I have a rhythm.
He prefers a tablet with headphones and bright settings
while I prefer to hear the sound of the birds
so this situation suits both of us well.
and to be realistic, we find whatever SHADE possible!
Table from Target
Pillows from Home Depot
The sauna is a quiet spot where audio books or paper books can take the heat.
Let's not forget the ever popular insomnia bouts.
Away from home the fun continues. 
Thanks to Amazons' Audible app, the hours spent in my car are now most productive and I am finding ways to idle away the time with my current read. Audible does not advertise their free credits for seniors but it is 100% worthwhile and just takes a quick call.
You can pay as you go with Audible too and get a free trial month.
Treadmills and elliptical machines are all too familiar and have been relatively unchanged for decades. 
What used to be a cumbersome load of heart rate monitors, headphones, Garmins, book holders and arm bands has been reduced to a smart phone.

I love that Kindle lets you choose the font size! 

Tucson is home to some amazing authors.
I hope some of these ideas have inspired you!


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