One Little Word 2016 is in full swing. 
January involves the what, why and how we anticipate the word in our life.

 A symbol is optional but I love the idea of taking a quarter note rest during the day.
 February was a challenge to practice something for 30 days. Can you guess mine?

Participating in Whole 30 as a cleanse was an eye opener.
Whole 30 is easy and totally worth it. 
Let me know if you want to try Whole 30 as I love to share woman vs food and how to win! 
  Real Estate Tip #1
Get a home warranty. 
We have been in our house over 20 years and recently decided to purchase a home warranty never imagining that our refrigerator would be our first claim.
Thank you 2-10 Home Warranty for our beautiful new fridge in which to store my whole food.
 My best days of rest are spent with the grands. We celebrated this guy's 4th birthday in stellar fashion!
 I loved his idea of a bite.
The planets errrr...snacks were aligned to meet with Whole 30 too!
Do you doodle? 
The art community is buzzing with doodles AKA faith journaling.
I tried my hand on a few pages 
and am learning to overcome 
 marking up a book!
How is election fever treating you?
Just in case you need a write in
here is my recommendation 'cause, none of the candidates are nearly this cute!
She gets my vote!


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