We are in a season of waiting.

These 'seesters' as they fondly call themselves are hard at work making us some new grandbabies!
I simply adore them.
We blessed Chelsea on her birthday with a celebration for our grand daughter whose arrival is any day now. We expectantly await her naming!

Silly girl tried to wait until my 60th birthday to spill the beans but such is a mothers' intuition I guessed that Baby # 2 was on the way before she had a chance to share the news. Grand baby # 4 will bless us in April. Is this not a mothers' dream??????
So much expectation for this new season in our lives. 
The business of waiting continues as I await the healing of a broken foot. 
This lunar boot came at a good time since the littles are working on a moon observation journal this month. The moon has not disappointed us. This was my first attempt at night photography.
First the eclipse...

Then the blood moon. You can see the trees faintly in the foreground.
In the studio I have been busy creating the next semester for the Littles. 
Here is a peek at our next few pages. 
 We are working on providence.
It is rather ironic that we have all these ways of tracking our wait with clocks, calendars, moon cycles, but in the end it all happens in Gods' time.
...and then right in the middle of this post
along comes Adele Renee
8 lbs 3 oz
But the child who is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.

Meet our beautiful granddaughter!

This next season is going to be a big one!


  1. I am totally impressed Debbie...you are one talented lady....one of many hats!


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