Love is in the Air

'Tis the season of celebrations!

Our daughters planned an awesome Mothers' Day blessing that started with us all attending church together followed by a beautiful brunch on the patio at a local favorite.
We had an excessive amount of fun with a scarf!
I am continuing my quest to embrace my One Little Word. 
The June prompt reminds me of the saying that Popeye rehearsed
 with such passion: I am; what I am!
My efforts to 'gather' this month focused on gathering for my pen pal in Maryland.
Her word is 'invest' and these are the items that I have gathered for her.
That's an altered Altoid tin filled with little tag bits. 
I played with resin and created this copper stamped charm. 

Have you ever surprised someone?
I mean really surprised someone?
WE DID!!!!

For a few weeks we secretly set the stage for a family visit to the historic mission on the Tohono O'Odham Reservation. 
The restoration process to restore the White Dove of the Desert is underway.
 Our nephew had secretly flown in from Washington DC to surprise the Mamma!
Surprise her HE DID! It was the best hug that I have ever seen in my life.

This is the love between a mother and child that only a photograph can capture.

Did I mention that this is the best hug that I have EVER seen?
Wait...stand that really YOU?
Here we are grinning from ear to ear with tears rolling down our faces.
Shameless success!
Indeed! What an amazing weekend we all shared together.
 Ryan and Uncle Rick take a good picture don't you think?
A rare opportunity to spend their day together playing guitars will create a lasting memory.
We managed a hike on the reservation and enjoyed some traditional Native American fry bread.
 Once we calmed down we were able to visit the sanctuary. 
There is a remarkable difference in the newly renovated space. 
The pews are well worn!
The exterior was blinding on this hot windy day.

A few moments of solitude were captured.

 Next up...Happy Birthday to my guy. It was a western roundup for dinner.
The girls managed some shenanigans of their own.
Makes my heart happy!
The next day in Tombstone there was a hangin' ...
and a huggin'...
and a headstone.
Is it so? 
Morgan has declared her namesake: Morgan Earp?
There is a remarkable cemetery at Boothill where all the bad guys are buried. 

Wait,  there's more!
One of my favorite things about having daughters is celebrating all the showers with their friends.
I was honored to make the ring bearers pillow for the wedding and to gift the bride with a memory book from her shower.

The guest of honor at this baby shower left unexpectedly bound for the hospital where she delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl. 
Check out that diaper cake!
I had the honor of creating a special tag for a special Auntie.
Next post will be all about organizing.
Whether you are selling or just want a fresh summer look stay tuned. 

If you are interested in the sales statistics for your area please remember to check my real estate tab on this blog!

That was just a slice of a fabulous month.
It's all about perspective!


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