Easter Glory

Spring lasts about 4 days in these parts and we know how to bask in its' glory!
Our desert is spectacular. Our Easter egg hunt was amidst these beauties.

What girl does not like flowers?
My ancient sewing machine still comes out of hiding once in a while and this time it created this beauty that will soon head to it's permanent home in a New York cabin. 
My sis is a pro at remembering special occasions.
This little book will help her to organize the many gift cards that she distributes.
The cards can be tucked into pockets and pouches until the special day arrives.
I just love her!
...and them!
The littles decorated eggs so of course we had to make earrings out of  a few.

We literally swarmed the wash looking for hidden eggs.
Be still my heart!
I think they found one!
Just when I think my heart is about as full as it can be we learn that another 'little' blessing will join our family in October.

My studio and I are honored to announce that we have a special privilege to glorify God. The littles will start their own scrapbooks! 
We will share our progress but here is a sneak peek of the subway art kits that deliver a powerful message.
   This is going to be an awesome way for me to share God's word in a creative process. 

Thank you to everyone that donated to the garage sale for the Wright Family. The Tucson sale raised $ 1000 which brings them to 1/3 of their goal.

New residential statistics are posted on my real estate tab. 
If you need help staging, selling or buying a home I am here to help you!


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