ADVENT memories of a glorious season have left our hearts full of His glory. 
Each day we spent some time reading The Greatest Gift to affirm our faith.
I love this time of year when the house is still celebrating Christmas because no one has told her it's over. The memories are close at hand and for the next few days I will relish the peace that has fallen.
I do wish that I had taken more pictures when our house was bustling with toys and visitors!
New firsts!
For no particular reason this was our FIRST Christmas without a tree. 
We wondered if our decision would impact our spirit but alas we delighted in the simplicity of re-purposing some holiday trimmings.
Perhaps this will be a trend.

These simple tags expressed our sentiments. 
Thank you Pinterest! 

You might remember this fun photo of my sister, mom and me that I fondly refer to as the Trio of Coats.
To honor moms' memory of all things beautiful 
here we are 
with our beautiful matching red purses!
The dudes...well they were almost as cool! 
The short sleeved shirts on Christmas Day were very impressive.
 Our feast of Cornish Game Hens stuffed with a chestnut wild rice, pomegranate yogurt dip and a farmers salad of mixed greens was yummy!
It even seems that Maggie felt the anticipation.
In a few short days we mark a special opportunity for a new beginning. 
A time to set goals and spend time with those we love. 
SALUT 2015!  


  1. Love seeing all your festivities! We did without a tree for a few years and didn't suffer dampened spirits. It served instead, as a reminder of the true reason for the season! Love you, miss you my friend.


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