T.R.U.S.T. Third Quarter

The challenge by Ali Edwards to tell our story for a year through  One Little Word continues. June was a reflection of sorts with  simple graphics so that we could focus on writing about our thoughts.

The July prompt was threefold:

1. Do something good for yourself.
That was easy. I was training for my triathlon so I gotta coach!

2. Do something good for someone else.
Gifted my Bose radio to Rick. He loves music, talk radio, political banter and all things on air.

Turn about is fair play because all the photos that I take for this blog are taken with the camera that I quite literally lifted from him!

3. Celebrate Something
Our home is no longer a construction office. We are now in a cool mid-century office building within walking distance of our home!

One of my goals this year was to conquer Photoshop. The program is so complex so I am taking an on line class. The growth is slow and steady but I was pleased to be able to layer this text on my photos to expand my scrapbook options.

 It is ironic that as soon as I gave away my music source, Ali prompted us to make a play list.

Decided to highlight the lyrics.

Starting to think about what word will speak to me next year. 


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