Thermostat Recall & Dogs Days of Summer

Half Way Point Check In

The 'One Little Word' project in which I am participating is most encouraging and reminds me that progress is measured in our hearts. The monthly prompts result in an easy project through either words, photos or art.



June was a writing project focused on my progress goals. 
Goals are good but ultimately progress is in Gods' hands.

Dog Days of Summer have struck the Northern Hemisphere.
My summer started out with dog days of a very special kind. 

I had so much fun creating this book for my sister to celebrate her special day so that she can celebrate this little guy as he grows.

 Goldfish are his current favorite.

 Back cover got wrapped in this really cool rawhide string that felt like the real deal.

 What WAS I thinking?!!?!? Training for a triathlon during dog days is rough.
Best way to cool off...

Living in the LAP of luxury these days and grateful for every minute.
Please practice water safety with your family.

Please check out your thermostat to see if yours is recalled

Please refer to the link for manufacturer/model. Leakage from the "AA" alkaline batteries can result in a short in the circuit board which may present a potential fire hazard.

Homes can present hazards at every turn and each of us designs around those conditions as it relates to our specific needs. Those needs change as our children and pets grow, as we age and as we accommodate special and specific needs. 

First and foremost - stay safe in your home!


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