Sharing Things that Make Me Happy

I FINALLY made a banner for my studio!

 The prompt from the One Little Word class that I am applying this year inspired the creation.

It seemed like the banner should demonstrate a level of trust.
These Tim Holtz pulleys really challenged the project.
I LOVE old yardsticks so I sorted through my little collection and found a rare 48" stick to tie it all together.

Yes this was a balancing act of gargantuan proportion.

The last letter is attached by its' own weight - YIKES!
No crash in the night so far.

We hit 90 degrees this week so the City Garden got planted just in time.

Decided to go with the herbs that we favour in our cooking.
Rosemary - this is a softer version than our usual hardy native 

A varietal lettuce

Gotta admit that I am pretty excited to have some budding berries!

FYI - Flat parsley & cilantro = Strikingly similar.
Wanted the latter but will make it work.

To celebrate my last year in my fifties I have made a huge decision to apply trust in my life.
I am going to train for a Triathlon!
Swim, Bike, Run

I am super excited because my daughter will be training too and we can support each other over the next 5 months
...better late than never!

If you are an athlete and have any tips to share please bring them on.  

Just in case you are wondering I am not an athlete.
I would appreciate your prayers to stay injury free.
Me and my 'Fitness Pal' on my smart phone will be buds.

A little Mod Podge & tissue paper on some blown eggs made these shells really sturdy. 

On this glorious Easter weekend I hope that you are blessed.


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