TRUST in One Little Word

Several hundred of us are gathered on line to embrace a word for 2014. Ali Edwards leads this inspiring class through monthly prompts. Check it out if you are inclined to embrace a word for a few months.
Choose a word, choose a symbol and rock that word everyday!

It is really quite simple...we establish intentions...

Outline our goals...

Reflect every month on how our word impacts our lives.

Keeping my word 'front & center' was definitely made easier through the 
gift of this beautiful bracelet.  

Did I mention that we have a pilot in the family?
 I made this card to celebrate his accomplishment. 

Well he is only two, so he fancies flight from the ground.

Occasionally he lifts off.

Our grandchildren have graced our lives beyond words.

 My Canadian cousins have got spirit for sure. 
I say we give it them since they brave the winter everyday!

Please visit the real estate tab to see the Tucson real estate statistics for 2013.

What is your word?


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