Thanks for giving this proud Mamma a moment for bragging rights!
Our daughter completed in a Triathlon this week and we were fortunate to be at the finish line.
 The event was a fundraiser for the Shyann Kindness Project

***SWIM!!!!BIKE +++RUN***

Half the fun was waiting at the finish line with the kiddos for Mamma
We played "is that mamma"?

Yessss! That's mamma!
Taking the turn toward the finish line.
Peace Out
Tasting the sweet finish
Yay! Results and goal attained!
The sea of bikes
 Wouldn't you know that I was so caught up in the moment that I did not get a good photo of the medal! It takes many hours of dedication to reach the finish line so I hope you will help me extend congratulations to Chelsea!

We all celebrated her birthday together at the beautiful Botanical Gardens.
Let's hear it for the GIRLS! 


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