Fancy my new look!

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There is a fabulous company that I have been wanting to share with you that encompasses my passion for upcycling and reusing products that may no longer serve their original intention.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Enter REPAT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Collect your old t-shirts, or in my case get PERMISSION from darling husband to give him much needed drawer space with the promise of making things better? 

Go on line and place your order at
This coupon will get you 15% off your order too!
The bag arrives really fast and all shipping is paid by REPAT.
Stuff your t-shirts into the bag. This was more stressful than it appears since I was not sure I would ever see them again!

Close it up and drop it in any USPS box.

Ahhh! Restored confidence in American companies and put Americans to work.
Wait for your beautiful lightweight throw to arrive that tells an amazing story.

Hubs loved his birthday gift!


  1. Love your new look Debbie! Fun idea for a throw quilt too, but I'd be hard pressed to convince my particular man it was a reasonable use of resources, LOL. Good on you having 'selling' skills!

  2. LOVE your facelift, Deb!! The moment I saw the green, a whisper in my heart said "Debbie!" Thanks for the info on REPAT. What a great idea and wonderful way to keep $$'s and jobs in our country. Now, all I have to do is sell my sweetie on the idea of "letting go!"


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