Spring Blessings

If I were a flower pot I would be a potpourri of spring flowers right now!
 This table center piece was inspired by a trip to a flea market. It is one of the few times that I have been able to incorporate my moms' Oneida silver into my decor.
The dried lavender smells fabulous and will be recycled into sachets for my winter wools which are about to get packed away for the season.
Easter was a truly blessed week in our home.
Good Friday provided reflection as we experienced our traditional walk of the stations at St. Pius X.
The 'GREAT' did not disappoint!
Auntie Lynda came equipped with cookies ready to decorate.
 'Sonrise' service in the brisk morning air at Saguaro Canyon Church is
definitely a wake up call.
We had a casual family get together with  3 C's ...
carne asada, carrot cake and corn salad.
 Thanks to the backyard BBQ and capable chefs
I was able to play most of the day.
 Since we cannot get enough of our darling grand babies, thanks for humouring us.
 As always, the teacher becomes the student as I revisited the Easter Story through Convocation Eggs to share with Liv.
The most unusual blend of activities this spring has left me grateful for our justice system. A case of insider politics that was well played, ended up defending itself from its own players. The Arizona Redistricting Commission has become a Stertz household topic. If you are mildly curious check out the banter  http://azcapitoltimes.com/news/2013/04/01/federal-judges-hear-republican-challenge-to-arizona-redistricting-legislative-map/

It would have been enough for me to savor the judges fancy robes and stunning courthouse architecture, not to mention the formal attire donned by everyday folks. Yet the opening arguments followed by articulate testimony of said husband made the last two years of political bait and switch all the more tolerable.  

The Ceremonial Courtroom

Since we are spoiled in Tucson with mountain sunrises
the juxtaposition of this 
Phoenix House of Glass sunrise  
made us take notice.

Anyone watching House of Cards on Netflix? Well here is my House of Cards
Celebration is deserved when a home buyer gets keys to their new home. A stockpile of these cards mark the events and I love making them for their yet unknown recipients.
They will be personalized upon delivery.
The key gets attached to the little brad and adds even more dimension to the awning and steps.

What would you do after a 5K Family Fun Run/Walk to raise funds for the Erik Hite Foundation?
Play the drums of course!
And a final  note about upcycling ~
I have been trying to use 'things' that have other purposes in our home so that we can be conscious of our 'stuff'.
This has led to some re-painting, re-thinking and re-arranging.
Here is my first of many projects to come.



Very pleased with how it turned out. No sanding...ever... makes me very happy.
Meet Angelique.
 She is definitely not upcycled and I promise that the finished photos of my creative space are coming.
It is always a privilege to take in a few classes and I am grateful to our attorney instructors that provide real estate education.
So whether you are waiting for the snow to melt or the blossoms to drop DO live life to the fullest.
I'm in!
Celebrate your Spring Blessings,




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