Year 2

Sunspectacles won the day at our annual trek to Sabino Canyon and was this months choice for the calendar page.


The National Anthem brings tears to my eyes when presented to a crowd so when it was sung by our daughter Chelsea, a flood of tears was guaranteed. The Tucson Police Foundation Unsung Heroes event was a very special evening that brought us all together.

Guess who celebrated a first birthday?!?!?
The most handsome, lovable, sweetest little bubba ever!

Our daughter and son-in-law made the most beautiful party that reflects Jacks love for farm animals. Admission was charged for kisses... ring toss...and the like and it was a 'neigh'borly affair!

This was my first project with my Cricut cutter!
Awwww! Thanks for arranging the straws just right to whomever took this pic!
Is it me or can you feel the love on their faces?
Congratulations to Rick for passing his General Contractors commerical exam.
Our lives continue to be blessed with great clients and projects.
Our new digs will help all those that help us too!
A wee window covering turned out cool for tucking treasures.
Totally lifted this idea from the Pottery Barn catalogue.
Olive and I did some beading...just in case I need another craft -
 Birthday Girl Celebrates 28th Rodeo Weekend 
Yee Haw El Corral
 Be well friends!


  1. I always enjoy your blogposts, Deb, and Year2 (can you believe it???!!) is no exception! Fun times and great photos ~ I LOVE what you're creating with your new "toy!" Keep Calm and Blog On, sistah!


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