Are We There YET?

Many people that I have spoken with say that they have not experienced such a season as our current election. Whether you have traveled with an anxious child or planted seeds in your garden you have surely found some wisdom in the pleasure of seeking patience.

It took me ten years, several interviews and a proud naturalization day in court to gain the privilege to vote so I take it all very seriously.  Here is my ballot with just a few pieces of the related mail. I wish I had kept all the would have made an impressive stack!

Vote - Check!
Mail in ballot - Check!
Volunteer at the election center - Check!
I was honored to spend a day at Election Headquarters representing my party.   

Don't hold your breath because no matter the outcome - we have considerable work in front of us.
Just gotta say that verifying signature affidavits on ballots is fascinating.
*Did you know that signatures go through four levels of progression during a person's lifetime?
Have you ever heard of this game? I had NOT!
Hubs taught me the game of holding your breath in a tunnel.

Driving through the Mule Tunnel Are we there YET?
Oktoberfest + Bisbee + 1000 Star Climb = OUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY
Our walking tour

We had a brief respite at a favorite B & B. We have the most amazing knack of visiting locations that just happen to be bustling with an event. Enter the annual 1,000 Stair Climb. I think I heard whisperings of participation next year. Note to self: Train for 4.2 mile stair climb.
Hmmm...change eating habits - Check!
Got some ideas that I am going to share about this next month.
Here are a few of the outdoor stairways that ease navigating this VERY hilly historic town.

You definitely need to hold the rails since the rungs are so shallow!

Just looking at all those stairs made us hungry!
As I continue to tweak my studio, time did allow for a couple of small projects. This canvas board creates a personalized box, but eventually it will be overflowing with precious memories and projects. 
Of course, sister needs one too!
What would October be without a trip to the pumpkin patch?
Look Auntie Merg! Goats! 
Another generation 
 OH! The Passion of a sister!
Jack was fairly certain this was ready to eat.
 Headed home but luckily this chapter is not over yet 'cause we are
JAZZED for the pumpkin carving.
Did I mention that it gets a little competitive when the knives come out?
By the next time that we visit Thanksgiving will have been served.
Our hearts are grateful every day for the blessing of family and friends.
Every year our turkey table has been graced with the ritual that has come to be known as
You know who you are...
Sometimes the turkey leg calls and a little boy just can't wait!
Some things never change
Miles apart; hearts together
Daylight savings time is November 4.
If you don't change your clocks (Arizona) at least remember to change your smoke alarm batteries.
It may save a life!
Give pause, give Him thanks for this life.



  1. what a wonderful update. I love seeing what you are doing in pictures and words. Bisbee sounds like loads of fun. Need to get down there again soon. I've been saying that for a few years now! Ack!


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