Feelin' August!

Check out this exciting property that I just listed. It is a beautiful home on an acre of horse property with spectacular views of the Catalina Mountains and is located in the vicinity of River & Oracle. Please let me know if you would like to arrange a preview of the home and I would be happy to show it to you. The list price is $ 335,000.


I am always excited when August rolls around 'cause it's my month! Do y'all feel that way about your birthday month? This was a particularly fun August since the older I get, the longer the celebration seems to last. Honestly, I have decided that I will FEEL like it is my birthday every day. Simply put...I feel loved. Hubs arranged a family get together and then he secretly ordered items from my Amazon wish list.

Thank you for your cards, wishes and calls. I am blessed to be healthy and loved. Looking back I wish that I had taken more pictures during the month but truthfully I was busy enjoying being out from behind the lense.
As promised, here is the Dog's Life artwork on which Rick and I collaborated. We took photos of the family dogs and mounted them on painted burlap canvases, then mounted those to a painted canvas and then we dressed each pouch.
The Braille dots actually spell out Bojorquez - the lucky recipients of this gift!
(Special thanks to Merg for 'Slicing' out all the letters)

We had the amazing experience this month of participating in a milestone with our grand daughter.
 Any guesses?
_ O         _  O _  E         _  I  _  _  E  _  S
This is my typical Tuesday hanging in the grass with my favorite little people. We are blessed with more than shoes of course, but it does provide pause when slipping into these Toms to know that a less fortunate person will also get a new pair of shoes. 
Over the last eight weeks I have been immersed in the book of James. The study, Mercy Triumphs authored by Beth Moore was hard! There was a lot of homework, the content was difficult and it was a somewhat exhaustive process to increase the active reading in my life. The challenge was so worthwhile and now I can slow down to digest all 5 books through a memorization challenge! Yikes!
For some crazy reason I decided to give my studio/office a facelift...hmmm...could be inspired by aging but in any event a week later I can finally find most things and I am anxious to get back to creating some scrapbook pages.
Thank you all for visiting and sharing your comments! Have a great month!



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