Hello Friends!

The summer heat is oppressive and hide as I might; I cannot deny that is is slowing me down. As I patiently await the monsoon rains I find myself escaping more often to the cool classrooms at  real estate schools to catch up on continuing education.

The sunsets are magical at this time of year and once in a while we can capture it just right as the clouds build. This photo was taken from the front of our house.

What a difference a boy does make! By the time 2013 rolls in, our family calendar will be complete with a chronology of Jack's first year.  Simply put...Jack Lewis is pure love.

We could not have asked for a nicer celebration on July 4th. We headed up to Mt Lemmon to enjoy breakfast at the new Sawmill Restaurant. A parade, a mountain hike, back to the Sawmill for apple pie, AND cherry pie (not to worry the pieces are GENEROUS and the recipes are those made famous by it's predecessor) followed by a rainfall made to order. What a supberb way to spend a Wednesday!

A treasured afternoon was spent with mom and family eating yummy cupcakes.
Not that I was counting but let's just say that cupcakes and mom really get along!

I thought I would share this amazing demolition photo of the anchor store at El Con Mall.
 In 1960 this landmark was known as the first mall in Tucson.   
Whatever your reference; whatever your era; Levys...Foleys...Robinsons May...Macy...
the memories will soon be replaced with a new Walmart.

“Change is the essence of life.
Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

Stay tuned for some fun mid-year real estate stats!



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