A Memorable May


This Memorial Day was particularly poignant for us only hours after returning from a 6 day holiday at our Nations Capitol. Close your history books and take a trip to DC! 

Each day was packed with so much action that we recorded it daily and smashed the activities into this book so that we could add some of the 1,000 photos that captured the essence of our trip once we arrived back home.

the top ten best

1. It was beyond thrilling to join 8,000 people who tour the Capitol daily. We felt super important sitting in our Senate Gallery seats witnessing the banter! 

The dome is stunning from the inside. Here is a peek.

2. The Washington Monument was closed last year after the earthquake so that structural engineers can shore it up for the next generation. Not sure what was more breath taking: the high flying American flags or the glow of the sunset on the granite.  


3. US Dept of Treasury oh la la.... 

4. Library of Congress
This was my personal favorite.
The architecture reminds us at every turn that we are all poets, philosophers, and historians.
Did you know that YOU can get a library card for the Library of Congress.

5. HA! Us desert rats got the biggest kick out of the daily rain!
We were happy to spring for umbrellas which um...we had forgotten how to use.

6. The National Botanical Garden
WOW! In the middle of this vibrant city we have a zen moment among the most gorgeous roses.

7. The Jefferson Memorial
He ROCKS! Turns out that a writer/architect needs to own pens right?
Quills were rare and did not last once used...
So TJ raised the birds so that he would have the quills.
Gotta love that!

8. The Hope Diamond OH MY!

9. Vietnam Memorial
Through some miracle we were blessed to cross paths with Ry-and-Ash who arrived on day six to challenge our stamina.

10. Pennsylvania Avenue
Must plan ahead 'cause there is a background check
Staging - Check
Most humbling
Appraised Value - Priceless

 Here are proud Uncle Rick and Auntie Debbie with these 20 somethings who have arrived to settle Ryan into his internship with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Thank you to my awesome husband and travel partner who put up with my fussy, fussy eating habits, insomnia and relentless attempt to get some good pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

Love the tour guide at the table beside us that decided to photo bomb our picture!


 Da Kiss

This picture speaks volumes as they prepare to spend the summer apart.
Ashley in Nicaragua, Ryan in DC.

So there you have it! Summer in the city!

But wait...we still have graduation in the desert. Wildcat alums with Auntie Debbie:-) at the University of Arizona.

The gang gathered to celebrate!

left to right
Chelsea, David, Ashley, Ryan, Radiant Proud, Momma Lynda aka the GREAT, Morgan, Debbie, Rick
Miguel (seated)

Thank you Lynda for hosting such an awesome day.

Our Swap Queen's gathered for an amazing tea cup swap. Our creative hostesses knocked the Alice right out of Wonderland. All politics aside it is kinda funny that 'tea party' was a theme this month.

Here was my place setting

and some of the fabulous decorations

I am so very grateful for the joyful times that I have had this month.
They are precious and represent so many miracles.

My heart is lifted to the Lord with honour in the name of freedom and truth. Our lives endure many sacrifices and much suffering but I am reminded by the many blast etchings in the marble that surrounded me last week that all generations hope for peace in our hearts and in our nation. 

Until next time,
Hug those you love


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