Natures' Beauty

It's been a few years since I visited the Tucson Botanical Gardens but this trip more than makes up for lost time. Through an amazing workshop I was able to practice some photography and experience Tucson's unique butterfly garden.

They are fast and YES it is hard to catch them still. When they were still - I was NOT. I got so excited  to snap a picture that it was difficult to hold the camera still. Need more practice calming the nerves but we were in sync long enough for me to capture these great shots. The color and beauty in the garden is astounding!
When my soul craves comfort being outside with those I love is a great anecdote. There is nothing more comforting than a stroll around the zoo on a gorgeous day. Our hands and hearts were full as we joined our daughter with our grandbabies to visit the new elephant exhibit.

 I thought it was really lucky for us to find them eating but apparently it would be unusual to find them idle since they eat 17 hours a day!

Nothing more than proud bookends with our grandbabies!

Can  you say volume cooking?
Production was at it's peak in our kitchen as we sorted out what to do with 60 + pounds of fresh vegetables from Market on the Move Such a great idea to reduce waste and next month I will be ready to can/freeze/donate.

35 tomatoes repurposed to pizza sauce

We are not much for zucchini but add a little honey and we're in!
Great way to sneak in some veggies.

I needed a happy place to write down all this wonder that beholds my days so I made this pretty journal. It's a quick visit every night and a one word entry. All day long I get to ponder the word for the day! I love the bling on the binder rings that holds it all together. 

4/29/12 = BREATHE*
*may I never take it for granted (sometimes I footnote)

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  1. fun post Debbie! You captured some great shots of the flutterbys! I haven't even looked at mine beyond pulling one for my photo a day project!


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