How do you name a blog you ask? Comme ca.... Over the last few months I have been researching my ancestry. Linteau was my dad's surname at birth and it translates to 'lintel' (load bearing in fact) usually over a door.  The beautiful 'porte' that brands me in my real estate business tied it all together. It has been a fascinating journey that dates back to 1726 and with the help of Leo Linteau I have found a connection. Pretty & simple really...


                                                                                                                     Linteau Family 1922

Speaking of doors and real estate....Whoa! Hold your horses 'cause M&M are moving on up. Someone near and dear to them has helped them find the most amazing house. They will set up permanent camp exactly 1.8 miles from Ma & Pa Stertz.

The Bojorquez Estate
Hey Merg...

No this is not a re-run. While Morgan was busy buying a house she found some time to once again take center stage airing on CBS this time to feature the latest program at the Humane Society.


If the deck is stacked and the sonogram 'reveals' we will soon take part in a recent new trend. Stay tuned as our newest grand child will be starring in his/her first soiree! Will it be red velvet cake or dark chocolate cake? Story episode.

Always seeking joy equates to finding a silver lining. Moving mom into a home where she can get nursing care meant searching through old photos and memorabilia. The most amazing find was actually silver! My baby spoon now hangs in my studio on a ribbon so that it can slip off to share with grand baby Liv when she visits.

Buttons & Bows & Layering Frames
Gave old frames a new purpose

Born with a silver spoon really is an attitude and I am blessed!
And how very clever of the Rodgers silver company to make a handle for those wee hands.

Hundreds of photos later I was fortunate enough to document 6;  yes SIX generations of women on my mom's side starting with my great grandmother who was born in Scotland.

Such an awesome way to preserve my grandmothers hankies!

So it turns out that trading cards are not just for boys!

My scrap happy days are enveloped in a lovely group of friends that find the time to reCREATE and swap. The latest theme was nature and thanks to Karey-Ann I have started a collection of ATC (Artist Trading Cards).  Don't you just love the antique watch dome that covers the butterfly.

Well this bird has to take flight and go sell some more homes.


  1. Great post Debbie. Love your recent projects, they are all just beautiful! Oh and do congratulate M&M for me on their new home. How exciting!!!

  2. Loved reading your latest missive, dear Deb....absolutely love that you've traced your family tree, how exciting!! And isn't that "love nest" the absolute BEST for two very deserving newlyweds!!


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