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Unless you live in the dark ages, you have no doubt heard about the feather craze. I am totally behind my friends at  Feather Expressions to let you  know where you can find quality feathers for papercrafting and jewelry. I have not been able to find ANY other feathers that are acid free!

I started using feathers in my scrapbook pages and cards and I cannot believe how much texture they bring. The best part is you can use any adhesive and a pair of household scissors to shape, glue and apply. Here's a page that I did a while ago but you know how a new element can give a page a face lift so I flipped through some of my old pages and found this one to embellish with a beautiful peacock stick.

Hey Merg...
We say that a lot around here! This week we are asking for her autograph since she aired on ABC sharing her passion. Check it out and remember our homeless pets at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona need your help.


Dances and formals have filled the lives of the young ladies that have passed through our home over the years. One of the more special songs and a young woman that has touched my heart, tied the knot at a beautiful outdoor 'organic' wedding in Tubac. 'Harmony' is a song just like her name and her gift is to bring joy to those in her life. So Harmony for the joy that you bring to others thank you for letting me share your special day through this 'organic' wedding memory book.

Beautiful Bridesmaid and bestie!

Tag, you're it!
I had so much fun making these nametags. This celebration marks the beginning of a new season and I cannot wait to spend more time with the fam.

You are not far off if you are thinking music & fiesta! 


Aunt status will only be achieved once in my lifetime so I have bragging rights since my amazing nephew is not only kind and considerate ~ he is famous.

This performance was held at Arcosanti this summer and Ryan is on the left. Cannot figure out how he trains for a marathon, tours with a band, maintains an amazing relationship and excels in his business classes ~ oh yeah that's right ~ I just said he is amazing!

As I write this I feel so grateful for these special people in my life. I just opened a card from a friend who is reading my mind right now  "He fills my life with good things". Psalm 103.5 


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post, Deb!!! You've really captured everything from the summer...I must have missed your previous post while I was back East, but so enjoyed catching up! Keep it coming, girlfriend!!

  2. lots of fun going on in your life! Gorgeous photo of Merg!


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