Spring/Summer 2011
Unplanned vacations are the best! Off we went to Durango, Colorado via Winslow, Arizona where we stood on the corner of Route 66 admiring the bronze statue of Jim Morrison. After 5 days in the Rocky Mountains with 'Take it Easy' on our minds we are refreshed and energized.  Rick and I were so blessed to share this trip with our daughter, son in law and grand daughter while we anxiously await another grandbaby in Feburary.

La Posada, Winslow Arizona

Durango, Colorado

Our garden has made a miraculous recovery from the many freezing winter days in Tucson that caused significant damage to our gorgeous desert.  We made the leap from herbs to fruit this year (did not realize how much canaries like blueberries) and delighted in our strawberries, blueberries, chilies and flowers that Rick patiently tends. .

My third annual scrapbook retreat (bizarre practice of staying up too late and eating too much candy) with the girls in July gave me a chance to catch up on some UFO's (unfinished objects).The kinship is grand! It keeps us all motivated to continue family journals through photography and creativity. Another first was a matchbox 'swap' which was a most amazing experience coordinated by my dear friend Karen. She has started a trend so stay tuned.

This 'abundance' folder will safely store my paternal family ephemera that includes newspaper clippings, receipts and certificates that represent Dads legacy. Merci Pappa for recording and saving the special moments in your life. Some day when I have the time I will translate them into English.

I was inspired to create a recipe book after finding two recipe boxes. One belonged to my mom and the other to her mom (Grandma Valin). Although neither of them cooked with any passion I wanted to honour them with this book. In several instances they had both hand written the same recipe which oddly enough I had in my own collection, so for three generation these recipes have been shared.

Fourteenth sock delivered! I am definitely ready to retire these size 1 needles. If you knit and have not tried variegated yard, I highly recommend their beautiful patterns. It will definitely step up your game and creates gorgeous designs.

Duck! Duck! Duc-T! Guess who turned one and yes her first word! Precision cutting on chipboard takes patience but was well worth the effort.

I have been organizing my studio and reflecting for the last week on my downward approach toward 60 years!

The treasures that now hold the what-nots in the studio include a collection of Oneida silver from Toronto  which I tried to photograph but the flash and silver did not get along.

Durango/Silverton reminded us of the earth's beauty and how grateful we are to have this life.
Every girl needs a good chair right? Found this treasure in a flea market in Durango and somehow we made it fit in the car.


  1. Great post Debbie! I want your chair! LOL Great find. Photograph your silver in natural light without flash, it'll be gorgeous!

    Did you know I have a blog too? Come visit, I've been updating daily!

  2. What a lovely family you have Debbie! Congratulations on the upcoming grand-baby-to-be. My first one was born in February=) I love the recipe book you made, that is just beautiful! I love the colors and papers, simply stunning!


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