Fait Accomplit! Creating this blog to share with you has been a goal for many months and although I cannot put my finger on why I had this goal I can tell you that it ranks as one of my biggest challenges second only to my annual Christmas card design and production whose era was retired in 2010. After those cards were sealed, I began to think of my life in another way...through the lens of a camera really except that I had to learn to use the timer! Please take note: I promise that I will NEVER again be ahead of you  - so just this once I would be honored  for the extra effort of your time.

My studio/office is hard at work these days creating graduation gifts but thanks to my latest subscription creating memory books has never been easier. I photographed the finished graduation gift and as I began to prepare my first posting I realized that the message on the cover conveys my exact sentiments that I am 'So Happy to be With You'!

Every turn brought a new irony including the concept for a blog in the first place. Some fabulous friends were processing beautiful feathers for artists and my love for design and crafting connected me to their great product at  While visiting the zoo this week during my DH's (darling husbands') 50 something birthday celebration, a peacock randomly decided to show off  his plumes. What a thrill it was to see the real thing after so many months of shuffling packaged feathers. Thanks for the irony!

Our daughters and grand baby surprised my DH with noisemakers and hot cross buns at 8am yesterday hence the zoo visit. We decided that children are just an excuse for adults to go the zoo. Our evening was enjoyed sharing our favorite trifecta which included a play, pizza and popcorn at the Gaslight Theater where melodrama and amazing local talent provide the best value in town.

Occassionally the knitting needles still come out - ok every night I knit. I may just make a habit out of making small wonders for babies. They knit up much faster than the adult counterparts. Someone in our family has a thing for orange so I could not resist.

Tried my hand at yo yo's. There will be more of these in my future so stay tuned.

This special button was made with the fabric from the dresses that I made for our daughters to wear in our wedding twenty years ago.

In February we went to the rodeo and I was so excited to share our treats with you but then it snowed and my priorities changed. Unfortunately my camera was exhausted from getting this delicious powdered sugar fry bread picture and that's all she got! I recommend ordering your very own so that you do not have to share.


Maggerty daggerty is our faithful pup and she will pop in from time to time usually looking her best.  While most of the girls in our family love accessories we do have one exception. Apparently this lovely lady did not see a need to sport this bow on her bum! Good thing I got this pic because two seconds later it was off.

This has truly been a thrill!  Without you this door would not have been opened.
Isn't that ironic! 


  1. Yay for you! What a fun first post. I wish you many happy hour of blog posting. I find it's hit and miss for me. Sometimes I am on it and sometimes it falls right off the priority list. But the point is to enjoy,non? Have fun!

  2. Congratulations, Deb!!! You've got an awesome blog and I can tell you are really having fun with it! It's lovely and I look forward to future postings...way to go, girlfriend!! xox

  3. Deb, I loved the first post and look forward to more.


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