Tag You're it!

Tim Holtz is one of the designers that sets the paper craft world buzzing with anticipation for his spring products.
I am one of them!

This collection of vintage suitcases is as special as the yarn and journals that they protect. I needed a solution for finding specific yarns that were stored in them. 
When I saw this Die Set I knew immediately what I would create.
Not too long ago my favorite fabric shop had all the Tim Holtz Elements fabrics on sale.
If you know me at all, you know that I don't buy anything without an end game.
I bought several yards of fabrics because I loved them.
The crafting world refers to these pretties as our 'stash'.
These dies are designed to cut paper but I really wanted my tags to be fabric so I pulled out my 
Big Shot die cutting machine and gave it a 'shot'.
Cut them clean as a whistle.
 I used some iron on Pelon interfacing to stiffen them up a bit and cut those the same way.
This is what they look like when they are cut.
Iron them together and voila!
This little Tonic tool by Tim Holtz was great for cleaning the threads on the edge.
Fold in half, insert the photo and zig zag them shut.
Add a clip and a ribbon.
Sew easy!
This is my favorite tag.
The contents of this train case make my heart happy.
Inside is a collection of fabrics that will one day become my first quilt.
The photo is a picture of the pattern.
It will be houses of course!
They are so pretty in my studio.

Now when I am searching for a particular yarn I know exactly what suitcase to open!
The ribbons are vintage seam binding.

A dear friend gifted me some hand dyed wool yarn that never made it to the suitcase.
It went right onto needles and is dreamy to knit. 
Hoping our cool weather makes a comeback so I can wear it this year. 
Also from my stash...
my on line FIT class reminds us not to beat ourselves up when we don't make it to the gym, go for a walk, or in my case eat all the popcorn in the bowl!
Being grateful keeps it real. (yes I did spell inspire incorrectly but chose to leave it that way)
This season finds me preparing for Easter.
My heart is ready.


  1. Deb, that is a wonderful idea. I LOVE the tags and the suitcases as well. And the fabric, everything. Thank you for sharing on the TH Addicts page so we could see them.


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