Joie de Vivre

What one thing embraces change, lights up, adapts a message, can be personalized and speaks many languages? (see last photo for answer)*

You are NOT seeing double! 
We have another grand baby! 
Pardon my barrage of photos but the love has got to be shared.  

My expression of love as profoundly spoken in John 3:16.
Our youngest daughter and son-in-law graced us with a grandson on April 8th. He is a beautiful and healthy gift from God! I have been practicing my One Little Word of rest with the li'l dude. Our daughter was a champ as they rolled her into surgery to welcome their son - this mamma NOT SO MUCH! I am so grateful for the training of our medical profession.
Adoring the new fella
Photo credit Karina Beagley Zazueta

7 pounds of pure love
 He appears to have a tendency to lounge so I have some lounge pants are on my needles for baby 'm' who by the way is a fifth generation!
 Della Doo,  Jack-a-Roo and Livvy Lou celebrate their new cousin too.
This Gheema has surely gone mad!

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Oh wait, one more!
As you can see I have much joy in my life. 
When our kiddos were growing up we kept a chalkboard in our kitchen for vocabulary development. 
We introduced new words or shared concepts and then integrated said complicated word in our conversations! 
I have missed the interplay of that chalkboard. 

So today I practice a new vocabulary for sharing with the littles.
It is a reminder that once bilingual; never forgotton. 
* This new Heidi Swapp light box now hangs in my studio and can be purchased at my favorite craft outlet right here in Arizona at 
C'est tout!


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