Great Expectations

 At the beginning of 2016 we set some very specific goals tied into our practice with One Little Word.
Three undisturbed hours together relaxing on el patio...and not just any patio!

We apparently looked weary and in need of rest because when we checked into the hotel the front desk attendant informed us that we were upgraded to a junior the height of the North Scottsdale.
It may have only been one night but we packed it full as we are known to do.
 A spring wedding...
followed by more rest
 We drank all the coffee the room had to offer and still needed more rest!
I guess we could have called room service but that would have meant someone disturbing our rest.
We feel so blessed to have had this relaxation time together.
In no time at all we will be holding our newest grandson. Please let me know if you are aware of any relaxation better than that of holding your new grandchild.
I recently had a little photo fun in downtown Tucson with our beautiful daughter and handsome son in law as they eagerly await their 'lil guy.

There may have been an elephant in the room during our shower of love!

 'THE GREAT' aka, Auntie Lynda really needs to open a bakery! Her talents are amazing.
There is really nothing cuter than Mamma and baby elephants...ooooooh....aaahhhhh
Can you see the love?!
Our nursery inspiration included fingerprints of the village compliments of Pinterest.
 Our village is praying for a comfortable delivery. We are also waiting for the baby to head south for the big day. Will you please pray that he gets into position soon 'cause these ladies can't wait to meet him!
May you be blessed with hope, love and expectation of His resurrection during this Easter Holy Week. 
praying hands


  1. Morgan looks great!! Wishing her and Miguel and safe and easy birth!! ❤️


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