How Do you Keep Track?

Our days are filled with dates and appointments that we value! To each his own and there are as many ideas for staying on track as there are people to invent those ideas. Your method(s) for being on time or remembering special dates more than likely adapts to your personal pursuits and sense of structure that meets within your discipline capability. 

As such, I NEED many ways to import the production of my day. My smart phone debuts most of my planning, navigating, list making and so on. The added value of a historical footprint  has come in handy on many occasions and should a detective ever be involved...well their work is done! Save for a drop of water my life would forever be extinct! 

I still treasure a kitchen calendar so that at a glance that moment in time has relevance. This year I used many photos that were taken by a very talented artist  Karina Beagley. Sadly our youngest daughter woke up too ill to participate the morning we were scheduled so lucky for us we get to do another take!

Many thanks to Graphic 45 for their beautiful papers with which I created each month.


Oh and speaking of calendars, please make sure to schedule routine home maintenance. If you are contemplating a remodel or renovation you might want to review this Cost vs. Value Report  to determine how much you should invest in your project.

The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever his is.
CS Lewis


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