Fall has been very busy in our house...it almost looks like we live on a farm but alas we are grateful for the farmers that have grown this crop of beautiful vegetables.
For a mere $ 10 you can get 60 pounds of veggies
Have your recipes ready to prepare large volumes! 
Please come Saturday, December 7th at 8:00 AM
Market on the Move.

It never ceases to amaze me that we get bumper crops of something different from our desert garden every year. This year it is pinecones! We recruited a special buddy to harvest them for us.

How does a little girl get ready for her first tea party. Practice of course.
Stay tuned for the big event!

Off the needles for a new itty bitty.
Hello sewing machine!

Flower Power!
No idea yet what I will do with these but they make me happy!
Yes we still attend the occasional political dinner to fundraise for our favorite Arizona Congressmen.
Here we are with David Schwikert (pictured far right)

Introducing STUDIO 204!
Thanks to the Rattlesnake Espresso Cafe for the gallery space where my husband hangs gorgeous acrylic paintings.
Collection Studio 204 now on display!
 Check it out at 8401 E Broadway

Life is a race. Embrace it, pace it, but finish with all your heart!
I thought it was uncanny that my race number was my age...only backwards!


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