Olympic Inspiration

Do you have a gym that you call home?
There is nothing like watching Olympic athletes from the comfort of a gym.
So how did I end up working out with a professional baseball team you ask?

 Over the last several years, Tucson fans have bid farewell to the Tucson Toros a.k.a. The Sidewinders, The Colorado Rockies, The Milwaukee Brewers and most recently, The San Diego Padres. (might have missed a few 'cause my favorite thing about baseball was the kosher hot dogs and the entertaining stadium vendors), but thanks to a clever re-purposing, their loss is my gain (better watch the word choice here). The former practice clubhouse is now open to the public and it is within walking distance!

If you live in central Tucson you should check it out: http://www.torosfitness.com/membership 
The team left behind their amazing trainer too!

Monsoons rains have brought about a new sport yet to compete in the Olympics but I must say that puddle jumping ranks up there as gold medal fun! Splashing and laughing with a two year old in her new birthday kicks is a 10 on the joy scoreboard.

Can you guess what birthdays and two year olds have in common?

Our daughter and son-in-law engaged their theatrical talents and performed the most adorable puppet show for the guests celebrating Liv's second birthday.  

Just in case you need a character refresher the goldfish is 'Dorothy' and she was the lovely new addition to the party. Yummy cupcakes were as beautiful as they were delicious.

Knitting this dress was an Olympic run to the finish line. I love how deadlines just make it all happen. There was no pattern for this simple stockinette stitch dress that carried a double strand of fingering weight yarn with an ever so little bit of gold thread running through. It is very 'Pariesienne' and it looks lovely with barefeet. After months of construction I am pleased to say that it is the right size!

My office/studio is hard at work finishing the first collaborative mixed medium project that Rick and I are working on together. Our muse hit us at the 4th Avenue Street Fair and is a gift for Morgan and Miguel whose hearts for canines have no bounds. Rick painted the canvas and I am up next. Here is a sneek peek of this Olympic sized art project whose canvas measures 30"x 40".

...stay tuned

Tucson boasts a rich railroad history. Many of the early homes were built for the growing population of rail workers. From the row houses on Meyer Street to the Pie Allen neighborhood, named after the pie maker that fed the railroad workers, the reputation lives on. The commuter and freight trains still sound their warning at all hours.  The freight trains rock the rails.

So when the engineer in you needs a fix there are plenty of options.
Our Amtrak station, in itself is a museum walk with the most charming outdoor cafe.

Tuesdays bring a bounty of blessings to 'My World' and it fills me beyond words. 

So while the Olympics have inspired my fitness goals, James has inspired my over-arching life goals.

My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.
James 1:19


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