Friday, November 27, 2015

The House of Stertz

One of my favorite parts of the Thanksgiving feast is preparing the table.
The year had a succulent theme so I went with succulents and pumpkins.
I am an organic girl at heart.
 There was a combination of white and orange pumpkins.  
The grown ups got in on the coloring.
Wait, wait ...this girl had a surprise.
 Step right your it a boy or a girl?
  We were so silly and had so much fun guessing! 
   Slight resemblance to a familiar Norman Rockwell.
 This little guy would be delighted to have a boy cousin!
Other excitement included a tooth that fell out! But I digress...
Our gift will reveal the gender of our new grand baby.
Drumroll please!
Miguel Angel Bojorquez 21 weeks young!
What a thrilling day to share all that we are grateful for with all those that we love.
Now it is time for the turkey master.
We had twins.
Our oven is large so why not.
Enough for everyone to have leftovers because isn't that one of the best things about Thanksgiving?
This little girl celebrated her first holiday resting on Gheepas' lap all the while watching him very seriously.
I need to take a minute to brag about my sister in law. Lynda makes the most delicious sweets. 
The presentation is always equally impressive. 
We are blessed with abundance.
We are blessed with good health.
We are blessed with each other.

I leave you with a shared challenge that I am paying forward.
Find JOY this holiday season. If it doesn't bring you joy, don't do it and if you choose to do it, do it joyfully. 
As the advent season is upon us, I wish you an adventure of JOY!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hearts of Love

Arizonans LOVE fall. 

Chilie Ristras
El Tour de Tucson
Pumpkin Farms
Sweaters (It's all relative)
as for me I can knit again!

Penelope Pug loves her new sweater. 
We have been visiting pumpkins every year for ages. 
and ages

and ages!
These are the colors of fall in the desert. 

It is a joy to be sharing this annual event with our grand littles.

 Mister was all about posing that day! 
Must have been the orange sunglasses.
Boy time!
Not much happening in the studio these days.
Just working on completing the One Little Word 2015.

Last quarter "One Little Word" prompts included writing an encouraging letter to yours truly  
and a trifecta of photos.
One way to celebrate. 24 years with my soul mate.
One way to give. Gifted a sister.
One way to self care. Shoes for my healing foot.
 If I knew how to make a play list these would be the songs. 
These playlist challenges defeat me so here is my solution.
Meet our newest 'lil pumpkin!
 "A well-spent day brings happy sleep."
Leonardo da Vinci
May you be blessed with well spent days and happy sleep!