Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fancy my new look!

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There is a fabulous company that I have been wanting to share with you that encompasses my passion for upcycling and reusing products that may no longer serve their original intention.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Enter REPAT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Collect your old t-shirts, or in my case get PERMISSION from darling husband to give him much needed drawer space with the promise of making things better? 

Go on line and place your order at
This coupon will get you 15% off your order too!
The bag arrives really fast and all shipping is paid by REPAT.
Stuff your t-shirts into the bag. This was more stressful than it appears since I was not sure I would ever see them again!

Close it up and drop it in any USPS box.

Ahhh! Restored confidence in American companies and put Americans to work.
Wait for your beautiful lightweight throw to arrive that tells an amazing story.

Hubs loved his birthday gift!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a Round Up!

We had such a blast at Pinnacle Peak on Father's Day that I wanted to share it with you.
Cowboy central did not let us down.
It was all about the Dad's!

We played this fun game to see how much you really know about Dad!
We only got to question # 2
Click All About Dad to download

The Dads each got a little Root Beer treat.

Beans, steaks, burgers and moustaches were ordered up!

We made  a side trip to China Town!
He is one proud Dad.

...and the next generation

Farewell Carousel and
Trail Dust Town
Father's Day 2013!

It is nice to know that Constables still help citizens and God still plants trees where they were meant to thrive!

Grateful beyond words.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

May Be Done

May 2013 will define the days ahead in a profound way. I am so grateful to be busy selling and staging homes. The work is so rewarding and my clients are the best!
I had the good fortune of celebrating another Mother's Day with four generations in my family.  The day went by much too quickly.
Sweet Amber joined her Great Grandma and my Auntie Barb on a visit to Tucson. Robyn said adios to Tucson in her final round of moving so our visits will be farther apart but that makes them more special.

The visits are always too short and they leave me wanting more.

Auntie Lynda performed her baking magic on us and made the gals feel so special with these gorgeous cupcakes.

Pairs of moms and their darlings just make me happy.
As always, the musicians entertain...this however is no ordinary musician.
He is an accomplished economist watching over the energy consumption of wholesale buyers and in his spare time he teaches 1 year olds to play guitar.
My percussion band

I was honored to attend a beautiful baby shower where we shared our blessings
with the momma to be
The heat is on...we hit 100 degress in the Old Pueblo.
The real estate market is heating up too.
Congratulations and many thanks to these families as they settle into their new homes!
I am grateful for your trust. 
Kathryn, Samantha, Matt, Rick & Deborah
Cliff & Kay, & Karen
Even if you are not moving I will be sharing some tips next month on staging your personal space.
Best to all!