The Art of Design


Homebuyers will notice the details that speak to their wellness! 

Find your favorite item for inspiration
I started with a large sponge
(the vendor at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show claimed to dive for it in Florida)

Add a garden variety rock rubbed in coconut oil 

Fire up a real candle 

Add a couple of drops of blue food coloring to your water 
(this did not discolor my tub after sitting for 2 days)

 Add 6 drops of essential oils
(I can help you get some of my favorite Melaleuca oils)

Season with salt or sugar 

select a favorite book
(current reads include Shut it, Author Karen Ehman)
spring for a new hand towel  in your favorite colors 

and most of all remember to...
(stamping on vellum)


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